Crystal clear shampoo:

Washing your hair is a necessity if you want to avoid dirty or smelly hair. If you go without a wash for some time, it can cause dead skin cells to build up in you scalp. The dirt and pollution in the air can also get attached to your hair. Another thing that happens when you don’t shampoo for long is the buildup of sebum. Sebum is secreted by our pores to keep hair moisturized but too much buildup can lead to hair becoming oily or it can make your scalp a breeding ground for micro fauna as they feed on sebum. A lot of people also struggle with dandruff. The deposits in hard water can also cause damage to your hair. This is why shampooing your hair is a necessity.

When you shampoo your hair, it helps remove many types of dirt and debris from your hair and gets you hair looking clean and smelling fresh. A shampoo also removes access oil from your hair to make it silkier smooth. The amount of shampoo used depends on the type and length of the hair. Using too much shampoo can make your hair dry and frizzy as it removes too much oil from the scalp. People with dry or short hair should use less shampoo compared to those who have oily or long hair.

The shampoo also has another function apart from cleaning it. It also gives hair a shine and gloss that helps highlight the color of your hair. Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Though choosing the right shampoo has a huge part in making your hair look either beautiful or dull. For example, some shampoos contain parabens which help increase their shelf life, but in return they also cause damage to your hair, as they can disrupt natural hormone balance and they can cause skin irritation.

The Chynelle Hair Company offers the best hair care products that ensure healthy and gorgeous looking hair. The crystal-clear shampoo by Chynelle is the first step in a range of products that guarantee an all-around hair care routine. This shampoo is made with plant-based ingredients which promote hair growth and provide a gentle treatment to your hair. It’s made from natural ingredients and is free from synthetic dyes and fragrances so it doesn’t damage your hair like other synthetic products.