CryptoHopper – Best Trading Bot for Binance

The CryptoHopper is a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading bot that uses an analytical programmed trading method and enables users to execute smart trades using environmental cues. It may be used with 9 different coin exchange, including Coinbase, OKEX, Process or method, Binance, Kraken, Huobi, and others.

It offers the benefits of both free and paid signals from multiple sources. It is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and employs over 30 trade indications as well as over 90 candle patterns. It is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and sells a variety of coins (75 in particular) in addition to Gold. The trading bot for Binance automated the trading of cryptocurrencies on the forex exchange.


Stoch, RSI, Bollinger, and a slew of additional indicators are one of them.

Bot back testing tools, configurable and saveable templates, trailing stops, and customizable technical indicators are among the betting tools available.

There are no smartphone or desktop apps because it is a web-based service.


It is a simple and intuitive sign-up process that needs no credit card details.

A trading bot that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and runs purely on cloud services.

Allows you to Paper Trade to test your strategy without putting your money in danger.


Robust Backtesting Data

Technical assistance may be limited.

Free Trial: Free Basic Plan for Life

Mirror trading, business, arbitrage, AI, and other bots are examples of bots.

Trading is free for 0 dollars. Fixed Monthly Fees

Apps for iOS and Android

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CryptoHopper is one of the most popular trading bots on the market, and it has a lot of the functionality that a novice need:

Includes paper trade, access to infrastructure, trailing stop-loss, and a method creator tool with over 130 indicators to assist you to customize your trading approach. They feature a comprehensive tutorial area for newbies, as well as the possibility of acquiring expert traders’ best methods and patterns. They make it simple to subscribe to a variety of external virtue signalers through their signaler dashboard. CryptoHopper is an internet platform to support up to 12 markets, with more on the way. CryptoHopper features a marketplace of free and premium signals for skilled traders, which you can mix with technical indicators to create your strategy. 


They have such a free Pioneer program that allows manual trading and investment management, but if you truly want to get a feel for their trade bot, try their Exploration package’s 7-day free trial. There are three monthly subscription alternatives open, spanning from $19 to $99. In kraken vs binance difference, we found that binance supports more currencies than kraken.

CryptoHopper’s Operation

CryptoHopper works by making deals on your behalf on whichever brokerage account you link it to. You must enter your API password into your CryptoHopper account to connect your exchanging account to your CryptoHopper account. This key can be located in the settings of your account statement. Although the process varies with each exchange, Crypto Hopper’s tutorials provide detailed information on how to link your account to numerous markets. Click on kraken vs binance to explore the differences between the both.

After you’ve linked your exchange accounts to your CryptoHopper bot, it’ll begin trading based on the settings you’ve provided it. It will do technical indicators based on market circumstances before buying or selling your cryptocurrencies following the trading techniques you choose. It will keep trading cryptocurrencies this way until you turn it off or change the settings. Even if the process is made, you must still keep an eye on it because a market crash could cause the bot to start trading resulting in a loss. With that in mind, there are some things to think about before you use CryptoHopper.

CryptoHopper is a cryptocurrency exchange

After you’ve chosen that, you can customize your bot however you want. You can also use the CryptoHopper marketplace to buy an engine that has already been constructed by another trader. There are a few free trading tactics accessible, but most of them are not. For beginning traders, this is an appealing choice because they may employ an automated approach that someone else created while reading user evaluations, seeing a track record, and getting a complete overview of what the bot is meant to accomplish. While this does not ensure a profit, it is an effective instrument. You can also change the approach you acquire, effectively allowing you to employ it.

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