Crypto Investor Made Unexpected Recovery From Combo Predictions Tips

In the recent crypto market crash, there is an interesting incident where a crypto investor made more money than a bullish market season. Dae-Seong from South Korea suspected of money laundering, was detained by the South Korea government.

A sum of USD2,325,399 of crypto profits was not made from trading and the government was suspicious how this money was being declared for income tax.

Dae-Seong have no choice but to reveal how the money was made. He found Verified Soccer Tips a soccer tips platform that helped him in winning so much money from soccer betting. He also mentioned that he does not want to share to the public, hoping this money-making site will be eternal.

“When the government wants to know everything, I have to let them know everything to avoid being there for the wrong reason.”

-It all started from losing so much money from the bearish market and I start looking for alternative to recoup my huge losses.

I was introduced into soccer betting but not making profits regardless how much hours and effort I spent on analyzing the matches.

Then I came across Trusted Tipsters Ltd a combo bet prediction service tipster whom offer soccer prediction tips. It took me some time before investing my money and the reason I did it was because they are monitored and verified by

From betting regularly with their normal services like Asian Handicap and Fixed Odds, I started investing on the higher payout prediction tips. “Mix Parlay Tips” These are some of the betting slips that have been shared with the government. –

“Initially I thought betting on sportsbook with crypto, I would be able to keep myself anonymous. Never thought that declaring my profits has made me reveal my money-making machine. I just hope this will be a long-lasting money-making method.”

– Dae-Seong

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