Crypto In All Forms Is Poised To Dominate The Market

The Crypto industry grew beyond anyone’s expectations in 2021. For the first time we saw major acceptance from such financial institutions as VISA and major banking entities. In addition to this, 2021 saw more investment and investment than all other previous years combined. No where else is this growing interest in digital assets more apparent than it is in the realm of NFTs. 

NFTs represent unique resources for any individual who is trying to have a digital asset truly unique to themselves, while also serving as a collectible and valuable token. We have seen development in this field, with artworks, signatures, and even downloadable trading cards serving as new forms of Non Fungible Tokens for people to collect, trade, and stake at their own choosing. 

While enthusiasm has been growing for such digital assets, we are seeing major players embrace them like never before. Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner and famous Shark Tank investor, sees NFTs as one of the largest potential sectors in this growing industry. With this potential in sight, he has championed the investment of NFTs in the form of sports NFTS. 

NBA TopShots is this idea manifested, as it specializes in creating and serving as a location for sports NFTs to be bought, speculated on, and traded between users. Offering snippets of the game, these NFTs offer a user the chance to own a part of the game itself. Whether it be a simple foul shot or the game winning shot in game 7 of the NBA playoffs, collectors will have the opportunity to own a literal piece of sports history. Never before has this chance existed and it serves as a prime example of how NFTs are truly unique in the world. 

Combined with this is the growing idea of the Metaverse, where NFT solutions, Decentralized Finance ideas, and Crypto meet together in a unique way. While this digital ecosystem potentially represents the future of finance, there are many people who remain daunted by what they see as an unknown system. They have lacked the proper tools to be able to take advantage of decentralized applications, and even NBA TopShots, currently in its early form, is somewhat difficult to access easily. 

Blocto is a crypto wallet with a cross chain ecosystem that is seeking to provide people with an easy to use and diverse location to launch their own adventures into the Metaverse. Aiming to be the Steam of dApps, this intuitively designed cross-chain ecosystem allows for users to browse potential dApps in a simple and efficient manner. There they can find dApps that meet any of their criteria, whether it be in the form of gaming, finance, security or any other potential offering that they would be looking for in the Metaverse. Furthermore, the nature of this ecosystem has been designed with ease of use in mind. People can browse, purchase, and sell things like NFTs with the click of a button right from their mobile phone. It’s as easy as checking the weather in the morning. 

Seamless integration with such blockchains as Ethereum, Solana, Tron, and Flow means that people who are already established on specific blockchains are able to integrate in this cross-chain environment without having to uproot all of their investments. Like a program designed for multiple operating systems, Blocto allows for people to use what they want to use, rather than being forced into specific methods of operation. 

Blocto isn’t just a place to download applications however, as it represents the first real attempt at opening up the Metaverse and its technologies to the common user, versus the more niche Crypto enthusiasts that had until recently been the prime user and thus the prime target for many of the companies working in this field. The fact that such a cross-chain ecosystem can exist and thrive as it has demonstrates how far this industry has evolved in such a short time, and it is likely to see considerably more interest in 2022. 

Mark Cuban has already showcased his interest in the potential that Blocto has to offer and has invested a considerable amount of resources into the company with the long term goal of seeing it grow into a major market player that will not only return the investment but become the place to go for dApps. With such a major boost of confidence early on, it is clear that not only will Blocto have a leg up over potential competitors, but it will be able to go through any potential growing pains early and adapt to them before anyone else has a chance. 

CEO of Blocto, Hsuan Lee, has embraced this confidence with unbridled enthusiasm and seeks to expand further into the Metaverse as the industry continues to break into its well-earned stride. It has become abundantly clear that these technologies have all merged together at a critical time and are now available in such a way that any single individual or growing company can use tools provided by companies like Blocto and forge their own path of success via the Metaverse. 

2021 has been an amazing year for the Crypto industry and it has seen growth in the Metaverse, NFTs and Decentralized Finance paths in addition to an explosion of public interest in its offerings. While the interest in this industry continues to grow it is clear that Blocto will be in the perfect position to be the ecosystem of choice for any prospective user to find the applications they need to explore the Metaverse in all of its forms on their own terms.