Crypto Gaming Tokens Worth Investing in 2022

For those who have been following the gaming crypto field in the past few years, the glaring question has to be “what’s next?”. Everyone is waiting to see what new developments are on the horizon, and what will take hold in 2022. 

All signs point to the possibility of a new big player entering into this arena—a company with a large media presence, name brand recognition, and massive resources that could upend the entire industry.

As we get closer to 2022, gamers will likely be buying some new crypto coins related to gaming, and here are some of our top picks:

Top Crypto Gaming Coins To Buy Today

The crypto game is always changing. It’s constantly on the move, and to survive, you have to adapt. To get ahead in the game, you have to be ahead of the game. The time to start looking for promising new crypto coins is now—and the year 2022 is a great time to get your feet wet with a new coin. 


Robotera is a gaming crypto coin built on the ethereum blockchain. It has a total supply of 3 billion coins. It is the very first gaming crypto coin to use smart contracts for decentralized gambling and betting. Their platform supports fully transparent dice rolls so no one can manipulate or tamper with the results of the game.

Robotera uses smart contracts for decentralized gambling and betting on its platform. Players have no need to deposit money into a centralized escrow account controlled by the owner of the platform—instead, they can send their tokens directly from their own wallets. 


The name “calvaria” comes from a Latin word meaning “skull.” This is apt because calvaria is the blockchain platform that runs the Skullcoin cryptocurrency. The platform itself is relatively simple, but it has already attracted a great deal of attention in the gaming community. 

Skullcoin offers an advantage to both gamers and game developers that other currencies lack: it’s a cryptocurrency specifically designed for use in online video games. It has all the benefits of modern cryptocurrency since its value is stable. Also, it can be traded easily on exchanges like KuCoin and trade it for VRAUSDT or  WAL USDT and etc.—while also being incredibly fast and low-cost.


The potential for this technology is huge, with tamagoge (tam) as a prime example. Its developers have figured out how to use tamagoge (tam) to create an experience that’s better than anything else on the market today. 

It is not just a digital currency designed for buying games, it is a game in itself, a virtual world where you can buy other digital items. tamadoge (tam) is designed for a more thorough gameplay experience by combining all elements of a game into one platform.

Battle Infinity

The ‘battle infinity’ is an online gaming platform that is built on blockchain technology. Its goal is to provide gamers all over the world with a secure, user-friendly and transparent way of purchasing games, micro-transactions and in-game content. 

The battle infinity tokens are going to be used as the official currency of the platform. They will be used for all purchases and rewards within battle infinity’s ecosystem.

Lucky Block

Lucky block is a strategy game that features two major gaming elements, namely collectible cards and virtual coins. The game is designed to be simple but highly engaging while offering players a better gaming experience. 

The collectible cards are based on popular blockchain decentralization technology and have real monetary value attached to them. These cards can be bought, sold, traded or exchanged in many different ways using a variety of methods, such as online trading platforms or even physical stores in some countries.


Decentraland is an Ethereum-based virtual reality platform with its own cryptocurrency called MANA. You buy virtual land plots within Decentraland and can sell or trade them at your leisure. Users also generate virtual content through Decentraland’s software development kit (SDK). The SDK is open source so anyone can create software for it—like video games.

Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity gaming ecosystem is a great example of how innovative ideas and the blockchain can come together to create something special. From its inception, the team behind this project have demonstrated a clear understanding of what makes blockchain technology so powerful. 

Blockchain technology makes it possible for the Axie Infinity team to build their gaming ecosystem in a way that is not only revolutionary, but also highly eco-friendly. The game’s use of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain makes it possible for players to truly own their digital creatures.


Loka is a new crypto coin that will be used as the currency in the gaming world of Crypto Games. Using Loka tokens, users can purchase in-game items, and other exclusive features. In order to make use of the Loka platform users will need to own some Loka coins. You don’t need to know how to code or even have any previous experience with cryptocurrencies. Simply sign up for a Loka account and start playing games.


Sandbox games are a fun way to make this exciting world even more engaging, allowing users to tinker with it on their own terms and truly take ownership of its future. Just as you would with a real economy, these virtual universes allow you to invest in a variety of tokens for different purposes. Some have intrinsic value in-game—the new “gold standard” for crypto—while others don’t offer much beyond their potential to be sold later for real money.

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