Croatian Hotel for Sale: Investment Opportunity in Tourism

The latest trend in investment in holiday accommodations is commercial property. Ernst & Young predicts that the Croatian hotel industry will be valued at EUR1.2 billion in 2022. The definition of a commercial property or hotel for sale in Croatia could mean anythingfrom a tiny guest house with two or three bedrooms to an enormous seafront or urban hotel that has many rooms. There are more than 70 000 foreign owners of property across the Adriatic coast.

The largest hotel chains in the country dominate the Croatian market with five of the biggest hotels accounting for more than 60% of Croatia’s capacity. Equity investors from abroad are turning their attention towards greenfield investments in mixed-use resorts. Since it guarantees the stability of their finances over time and stability, investors are most looking for luxurious villas and apartments that have real estate elements. There is the possibility to either transform or renovate commercial properties in Croatia or even build a brand new hotel.

The Top Locations in Croatia for Buying an Hotel

Croatia is a well-known tourist destination during summer in Europe due to its breathtaking islands and diverse heritage of culture. Additionally, it has stunning white pebbly beaches. A luxurious hotel is a more profitable investment than a home. It will earn you an impressively higher annual rental income , and also is more likely to be a selling. It is a great investment, particularly if you select the right cost and the best place. There are a few resorts with residential areas across the entire Croatian coast.

Croatian Hotel for Sale: Investment Opportunity in Tourism

Investors are keeping a close eye on the Croatian real estate market and are observing the appealing offers that have come up in Zagreb (the capital) or in other cities on the Adriatic coast. The most sought-after locations are those with a excellent infrastructure and are located close to airports. The most sought-after regions are located along the coastline. Primorje-Gorski Kotar is home to 26% while Split-Dalmatia is 12percent. Istria is home to 33% of the foreign-owned properties. There is a rising trend towards luxurious villas managed and owned by the owners of Zadar and Dubrovnik-Neretva.

Trustworthy Tourism Investment

A number of international hotel owners are actively looking for opportunities to invest in Croatian hotels over the past few years. It is secure and is close to its major markets of origin. It is possible to buy an existing hotel in Croatia with a staff focused on the sale of luxurious villas, hotels, as well as other properties and companies that are related to tourism. Knez Real Estate offers quality hotel for sale in Croatia. The extensive list of hotels has been carefully selected from private-owned luxury boutique hotels, to chains of international repute and commercial properties.

Croatian Hotel for Sale: Investment Opportunity in Tourism

Hotels are available in the major cities such as Dubrovnik or Split and also in the regions. The service is outstanding offering professional advice while keeping confidentiality and discretion throughout the process. Knez Real Estate is a full-service firm that specializes in real estate. We are able to gain knowledge from other industries and use this information to help you know the current trends in market conditions to sell or invest in tourism.