Critical parameters to identify top 5 MLM Businesses in USA

Working from home has taken a new learning curve. Passive income is one of the options that people are looking at and MLM business is once again on the radar for expansion and opportunities. But there is a strong likelihood of making mistakes in the choice. Only the experienced can point out critical parameters. For example, revenue should not be the only reason to join a company.

To reduce disappointment and identify the ideal organization we have created some parameters. When you begin your network business, it will not be a waste of time and energy.

List according to reputation and existence in USA


  1. Avon Cosmetics– It is one of the oldest in network marketing (since 1886)
  2. Herbalife – Popularity rose with weight loss products and nutrition
  3. Tupperware – Affordable kitchen boxes sell quickly
  4. Shaklee – Their nutritional supplements have reached space!
  5. Cutco Cutlery – It has an impressive range of evergreen kitchen accessories

Since multi-level marketing has existed in the market for decades, most people feel those who succeed have good referrals and influential contacts. But these criteriado not work in isolation and a combination of other things matter.Now, with new MLM software the structure of network marketing is more organized. Unless you have an inherent skill for marketing and convincing sales pitch the business will not be suitable or bring results.

Most MLM business today offer a fair degree of training for recruits, sessions to understand the prototype and leads with strong members and long term participants. Doing business ethically is also an important reason why some companies listed above are still doing great business globally. In 2020 the markets have changed once again and so have the demand and supply of some products.

List according to revenues made by network companies in USA

  1. Amway – 8.80 billion USD
  2. Avon – 5.70 billion USD
  3. Herbalife – 4.50 billion USD
  4. Tupperware – 2.210 billion USD
  5. Nu Skin – 2.208 billion USD

How do you choose?

If MLM marketing is your calling don’t go just by the revenues or reputation of the companies in business. You will have to deal with lots of smoke and mirror situations before moving up the ladder from the comfort zone of your home.

When you join you will hear:

  1. The history of the company, its presence in the market and how everyone has become successful.
  2. How strong your upline is.
  3. The products are of high quality and popular in the market.

A company that has a public stock listing is ideal to join. Every three months they declare their income. If you plan to join a private firm, ensure it declares the earnings and gives everyone a fair chance to make a steady income. If the company members are not comfortable disclosing financial earnings, then it is a massive red flag. You need not waste time on it. Most people who succeed in some MLM companies are usually convinced about the products they sell. This is a clincher and not just a parameter to start your passive income.