Cristian Voinea’s Mission To Help Business Owners Find Success

Business coaching has become a very popular profession in the last few years for many. Although there might not be a shortage of business coaches, there is a shortage of people who care about their clients’ success more than their own. 

Cristian Voinea is a business coach who helps business owners grow their revenue by looking at the whole picture and seeing where the time is being wasted. He is effective because for him it is not about the money, it is about solving a problem a business owner cannot see from the inside out. 

“I started this business because I realized that I can help more people by showing them how they can achieve everything they want as long as they have a positive mindset and the desire to be successful,” says Cristian. 

It is not usually by the words of ourselves that we can see how effective we are, but the words of the people we help that really make a difference. We searched for Cristian to see what impact he has made and how effective he is at time management and found this out. 

“Cristian helps you get your days right. He is the most effective at time management of anyone I have met. He breaks it down into scheduling and priorities. You will not be disappointed” commented one reviewer.

“The secret is to care about the customer and their time. For me, I just want to solve the pain point. Sometimes they do not even realize 2 hours might be wasted on meetings, coffee, or browsing mindlessly. But the minutes add up. All those could be turned into calls or more money producing activities”, he adds. 

To learn more about Cristian or his business, check out his website.