Cricket : the most followed sport

The above title doesn’t need introduction as we all are already familiar with the popularity of the sport. It is a leading global sport proficient in entertaining people of all age groups. The most cherished sport is absolutely a gentleman’s game. The game is not limited to players that play but viewers are equally involved in the game. But have you ever thought why this is the most followed sport ?

The answer to this question is simple. The game can be played with just a bat and a ball . It can be played in the smallest of the area. Isn’t that interesting ? Yes absolutely it is.

In olden times it was not easy to follow cricket scores and commentary so easily. But with upgradation things have changed for better. Today we have so many platforms where we can religiously follow cricket.

Criconet is one such platform. The platform is designed such that it offers user friendly interface and many exciting features. Users can exchange bundle of information over here. As a user you can upload any cricket related information. May it be text , picture or a video. If you need some cricket related opinion or want to share your knowledge about the game, this is the perfect platform for you. This makes it a pool of cricket related data. Not only this one of the most amazing feature of the platform is that it impart live streaming of the game as well. There are a lot of people who remain unnoticed. Several local players are unable to reach to the national level because of several reasons. The live streaming of local and regional matches makes hidden talent noticeable.

The website doesn’t stop here in exciting us. Another wonderful feature it has that of virtual cricket coaching. A user can get training according to the need.

Users with same cricket interests can follow each other , play cricket on the platform itself with each other and  also can do some chit-chat with the help of chatting feature available.

Overall this floor holds the potential of capturing stunning features under the same roof.