Crestron as a leader in home automation

The Crestron smart home automation system changes everything. It’s a customisable and scalable platform that lets you take control of all aspects of your home. It is also a brand that is the brand of choice for a lot of the main and big Fortune 500 companies too. This really is a brand now going places, all in all. It is also an item that can take your control to the very next level too. That said, it is very much compared too with the likes of other brands like Control4.

Favoured for video conferencing

Video conferencing has changed rapidly over the past few years, with more necessity for it in the office and the classroom. Crestron has quickly adapted to this industry need and has developed a high-performing home conferencing system to rival your high-rise office’s conference room. With Crestron HomeTime, video conferencing allows you to Zoom conference right from the comfort of your couch if you want. Use the same remote you use to control all your other home automation systems to make a video call using an HD camera and your television and audio system.

From the click of a finger you can take more control

The real benefit of using a Crestron home automation system for your home is that the advanced framework gives you more controllability than you likely can utilize. From security to entertainment to lighting and HVAC systems, you can see and control every element of your system easily from the palm of your hand. Crestron continues to evolve the intelligence of its software, allowing for integration with many more smart devices and even learning your preferences and adjusting automation and operation based on your habits. Crestron lighting is also a big part of the product and offering too.


The new Crestron Pyng “App’ based system provides a quick, easy solution for setting up and controlling lighting, shades, thermostats, door locks, and audio. Pyng also enables the customer to easily to make changes to the system set up themselves right from their own iPad. You may already be familiar with some smart home apps, so what makes Pyng different? Many homeowners have begun to adopt new smart home gadgets but the problem is that they end up collecting dozens of apps on their phones so they have to open up a new one every time they want to control a device.

Crestron Pyng simplifies your controls by tying all of your electronics together and giving you all the control using one app – Pyng. You’ll be able to dim the lights, turn on the music, change the room temperature and lower the shades with just one easy interface on your phone or tablet.


Crestron has been firmly committed to its dealer network for sales growth and overall support for several decades. This worldwide network of dealers is supported by an army of 200 highly-trained support technicians. This winning combination has solidified Crestron’s reputation as the de facto player in the corporate automation and communications space. Any top dealer and installer in Home Automation can and will for sure be able to install Crestron products.

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