Creative With Cauliflower

I’m one of those people that somehow is actually disciplined at sticking to a low carb diet. We are like nutrition unicorns. I was never one who was crazy over the bad carbs anyway. Call me weird, but I’m not that into pizza or mashed potatoes. People tend to balk at that information. 

In terms of what’s typical in a low carb diet, I tend to use a lot of cauliflower to replace other things, including those mashed potatoes and pizza I just mentioned. When it became all the rage, I was really interested in giving it a try. My efforts did not last long. 

Everyone on TV and on the internet make everything seem so easy. Well, I will tell you, that is not true. I tried my hand at finely chopping cauliflower to make rice and pizza crust. It is such a tedious task, trying to get the cauliflower so fine, I was about ready to give up and just buy these things premade. 

Before I threw in the towel, one of my friends who tries every single type of fad diet out there mentioned trying a food processor. This never crossed my mind because I never really had any use for one in the past, or so I thought. My world was about to change, and for the better.

I got on the internet and started my quest for a food processor. I found myself on a website for KitchenWorksInc., a company that sells actual Cuisinart food processor replacement parts, and the food processor itself. I read some reviews, and I was sold.

After clicking “add to cart”, I continued to browse to see what else I could get to enhance my experience with this gadget. While simultaneously researching some recipes, I found the fine  shredder disc blade, which would be absolutely perfect. Human hands just cannot cut anything to be that tiny. 

I also ordered myself a larger bowl, because why not just make larger batches and freeze it instead of doing this several times a month? This was mainly for making my cauliflower rice and pizza crusts, which I did pretty often, so it only made sense.

I have mastered the art of making cauliflower pizza crust, and that is no easy feat. It takes so much trial and error to get it right, and taking out that one step makes a world of difference because it is the most time consuming step. Now I’m not ready to abandon it all in the trash by step three, and I can actually say that I like pizza!

I also use it to keep cauliflower rice on hand for when I need a quick side to go with whatever else I’m making for dinner. This takes a lot less effort than the pizza crust, but again it’s that process of chopping up the cauliflower into such fine pieces that I can just skip over. I am so thankful to my fad dieting friend, and I could not be happier with my purchase.