5 Creative Ways To Market Your Business Successfully In 2020

Any business, whether it is a billion-dollar corporation or a month-old start-up has to follow the same logic-

  • The single biggest objective is to not only ensure sustenance but also grow profitably.
  • To do the above, it needs to find where its target audiences are and engage with them.
  • In order to find and engage potential customers, it needs to market and promote itself.

With hundreds, if not thousands of marketing and promotional strategies flooding the market, the choice is not as easy as you think it would be. Throw in a limited marketing/promotional budget and you are looking at quite a difficult task.

However, to help businesses, our team spoke to some of the leading marketing and sales experts. We asked them about the best creative ways to market a business successfully in 2020.

List of 5 Creative Ways to Market your Business Successfully in 2020

1. Drone Photography and Videography-

If you really want to create content in the form of images and videos that make people go ‘wow’, look at drone photography! In the last few years, many credible companies are offering the same at affordable rates. They are experts who use the best drones for the process.

As a business owner, all you need to do is hire a drone photographer in Melbourne and start marketing your brand. The nature of assets created from the same can be used on brand websites, social media pages, YouTube, and even on offline marketing video billboards.

2. Hot-Air Balloon Marketing-

If you are looking to really stand apart from your competitors, you can go for something as dynamic and innovative as hot-air balloon marketing. However, if you are a small brand with a tight marketing budget, you should enquire about the prices well-in-advance.

You can also tie together a content entry winner and club the two together on the hot-air balloon. This can allow you to make the event and the related expenditure worth it. Care should be taken to ensure that the proper security clearances have been taken for the same.

3. Micro-Influencers on Social Media-

Most marketing and creative agencies feel that the era of mega-influencers is over, especially when it comes to increasing sales and revenues from Influencer Marketing. They are moving towards micro-influencers that have smaller, yet much more engaging followings.

Micro-Influencers have less than 10K followers. However, they have greater engagement rates. This allows them to create a closer and much more informal fan following. Their subject matter is also quite detailed and informative in nature. Something, which brands can really benefit from.

4. Google My Business should be a Top Marketing priority-

A local business, that depends on individuals and families living close to its location needs to up its GMB game. Google’s algorithms are effectively driving real results, queries, and engagement for high-performance GMB pages.

Make sure your GMB page is well-optimized, has a high number of positive reviews and ratings. You need to have updated information as well. The more images, videos, and content you have as a business on your GMB page, the better will be its performance.

5. Become a Valuable Part of the Local Community-

As a business, you need to integrate yourself with the local community where you are settled and based. Nearly 90% of all your sales are generated from the local community and this is why businesses need to be a valuable part of such a set-up.

Sponsoring school and college teams in the region, showing up at town hall meetings, and engaging with others can help your brand immensely. This will not only show how considerate you are as a brand but have a direct and progressive impact on your sales and revenues.

The Final Word

Doing anything generic in 2021 in terms of marketing is not going to make your brand reach anywhere substantial. The need of the hour is to be creative and innovative in your marketing efforts. If you wish to add to the list of marketing strategies in the comments section below, please do so. Any other questions that you might have can also be addressed to us in the comments.

Ariana Smith

Ariana Smith is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She is the co-founder of bigjarnews. She contributes to many authority blogs such as Thepetsmagazine.