Creative Ways to Make Your Product Stand Out with Custom Printed Product Boxes

The CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, once said, “Packaging can be a theatre; it can create a story!” Consumers never get in contact with the product without taking out its packaging. So, whatever you present in the box packaging will affect the user experience. We all know beauty sells, then why not go with printed product boxes to create a long-lasting impression of our brand in consumers’ minds. There are brands out there that are serving the best quality services. Still, they are not creating a strong impression on customers.

They lack something in the branding opportunities, which are the packaging flaws. Generally, people don’t consider the importance of product packaging and think of it as just a simple box. But this isn’t true. The package serves more than a box. It keeps the product safe and smartly contributes to the company’s brand marketing. Custom-printed packaging is now the new normal in the market. Brands use these boxes to make their product stand out among their competitors. But how???

Tie up your seatbelts, and let’s get on this roller coaster ride to have complete know-how about how you can outshine your competitors with custom-printed product packaging.

How Can You Make Your Product Stand Out with Custom Printed Product Boxes?

Sometimes life gives us lessons sent in ridiculous packaging! The same happened to me a few months back. Let me tell you my heartbroken story so that none of you made those blunders I did. One day, I was randomly scrolling Instagram when suddenly, a beautiful showcased dress grabbed my attention. Of course, just like others, I instantly want that for me. Even I decided where I would wear that.

What I ignored was the reviews about the page services. Most of the customers complained about the poor packaging. Even two had claimed their parcels switched, and what they received, they never ordered. Fast forward, I received my parcel within a week. But when I received it, all my enthusiasm just melted away. The package was so boring; it seemed like a simple cardboard molded in a box. But then, I gathered all my hopes, thinking the product would compensate for this.

Although the dress was okay, there were some issues with the design, but if the packaging were better, it would compensate for the product issues. Product packaging definitely affects the consumer’s experience with the product. 

Therefore, I suggest you, as a customer, consider some factors when designing printed product boxes for your brand. They will help you build a strong connection with your customers and increase sales.

  • Color scheme

Colors enlighten our moods, and this is our mind’s psychology. As a result, color schemes play a major role in increasing custom-printed product packaging sales. According to Neil Patel, using colors increases brand recognition by 80%.

It adds up to the product marketing too. You know, there are many brands out there that we can recognize just by the colors they use. Packaging and product both combine to make an exceptional experience for the user. Every famous brand has its own color schemes and ideas. In short, everyone likes bright and attractive colors. Therefore, using bright and bold colors for your printed product boxes will attract clients and increase the brand’s revenue. In contrast, consumers ignore box packaging with dull and boring colors. 

  • Visual Aesthetics 

Next is the game of aesthetics! If custom-printed gift boxes have a great sense of aesthetics, they will help you make your product stand out. These might assist you in making the product. Custom printed product boxes have become more attractive with creative innovations in visual representations. They seem to be more appealing to the clients. Just like everything else, visual aesthetics have their own significance.

No matter how small or large your business is, visual graphics will always affect your sales. There’s a well-known proverb; a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, customers are sometimes influenced by the smallest details instead of tackling things. Make sure your visual graphics relate to your products too. Again, you are targeting a specific audience, so go with the artwork representing the product and the package. This will allure the customers, and ultimately, they’ll purchase.

  • Eco-friendly materials

Today, people consider sustainability a major global issue. Various brands have switched from plastic packaging to eco-friendly ones to impart their role in saving the future. Besides saving the environment, sustainable custom-printed packaging can divert numerous customers to your company.

You know what? Brands that offer sustainable packaging have long-lasting relationships with their clients instead of the other ones. The reason is as people are getting aware of plastic, they try not to use it.

So you can pitch up your business with unique tricks for minimizing waste with ecologically responsible packaging. In this way, you can attract several environmentally conscious consumers.

  • Product showcasing

When people get to view what the product inside your package is, they are attracted too. As a normal perception, we like showcasing items more than those fully packed in boxes. So whenever you offer custom printed boxes for your products, make sure those boxes showcase your products too.

This will build a strong link between you and your clients as they see whether whatever is inside the package meets their requirements. Another notable thing is that edited and visually crafted pictures don’t grab as much attention as the live product. This will add up to the aesthetics too.

Users don’t feel ditched when they see what they are buying visually. This interaction generates sales too for your company. Consumers will not hesitate to buy your custom-printed gift boxes or other items because they can recognize the product quality by taking a sneak peek at the package.

  • Minimalistic designing

Another noticeable thing that will assist you in making the product stand out through custom-printed packaging boxes is minimalistic design. As a result, consumers can enjoy simple yet eye-catching packaging. Your company will significantly impact the consumers with the right design choice for the customization feature. You don’t have to modify or redesign the packaging boxes occasionally. 

Take as much time as you want to introduce the packaging designs, but once you have done it, do not overly modify it. Selecting the right colors for your packaging and the products will offer the users a homey and relaxing touch and make them feel more interested in buying your products. 

Final Words

To wrap up things for you, I would say that making a product stand out among your competitor brands is not as difficult as it seems. 

It requires smart work with proper strategy, and your product will make your brand shine high among others. You’ll earn increased revenue with your products and make a strong brand identity in the market too.