Creative Ways To Enhance English Vocabulary

Has it ever happened that you are talking to someone and suddenly you run out of words? It’s like you know what you want to say but cannot find the right word for it.

Well, the issue is more common than you think, especially for beginner English speakers. It happens mainly due to their limited vocabulary. And luckily, it’s not an unsolvable issue. In fact, you can deal with the problem by dedicating just a small fraction of your days to learning new words.

How do you learn new words? Well, there are a lot of ways for it, but let’s just stick with the simplest and most practical methods like the few mentioned below. 

Engage in English Songs and Series

One Of the simplest tricks to learn English vocabulary is to engage in English content. You can start by listening to slow songs to grasp the words. You can also use subtitles to learn new words along with their pronunciation and spelling. The same thing goes for the English series. You can watch them with subtitles to learn new words along with their correct usage.

And in case you cannot dedicate time specifically for a series, you can start with podcasts. You can listen to them while working out, traveling, or while doing your regular work. The language used for the podcasts is usually simple and easy to understand, but there’s always something to learn. Plus, there are a lot of podcasts that you can select according to your taste.

Read More

Books and magazines are the next best thing to expand your vocabulary. They consist of a lot of words, both simple and specific, that you can use in your daily life. The reading material can also familiarize you with different ways to implement these words in your conversation.

And vocabulary isn’t the only thing that gets enhanced by reading books or magazines. The study material also introduces you to advanced literature and improves your confidence. A good reading habit can also help you to develop decent speaking skills.

Using English

Learning new words is a great way to expand your vocabulary, but not effective for everyone. Some people learn by implementing and using words, and that’s where English speaking comes to play. When you start to speak in English, you face challenges and learn to improvise.

When you prepare speeches or debates, and you research words to add weight to your content, expanding your knowledge. And you use them to form phrases, which makes them more memorable than the random words you learn from the internet. Even during a normal conversation, it’s possible to learn words from the other person.

Similarly, you can learn by writing in English. Small things like maintaining a diary, writing small blogs, or anything can help you to learn new words.

Use Dictionary

Dictionary is a collection of almost every word that you need to read, write and speak in English. It can be a great resource to expand your English vocabulary if used correctly. It can provide you with thousands of words that you can learn and use. It’s a long-term commitment and will need some time, but the trick is highly effective. You can start by learning one or two words per day along with their verb forms and usage. This way, you will learn around 365 to 730 words per year.

Alternatively, you can also use online tools for this part. You can subscribe to a word-per-day website. The website will send you one new word every day. It works just like the dictionary, with the only difference being you don’t need to carry a dictionary with you.

Crosswords and Word Puzzles

If you are into small puzzles and mobile games, you can use them to expand your vocabulary. There are tons of English crosswords and puzzle games that require you to guess a particular word to win. They force your brain to search the words you have learned and explore words that you might know but never use. They boost your memory and help to learn the implementation of certain words. In simpler words, these games can test your knowledge as well as introduce you to new words. Not to mention they are super fun.


Vocabulary is an important part of English learning and is utterly important to strike better conversations. But learning new words is a never-ending process, and you have to keep on updating yourself with new words. And just learning them is not enough; you also need to know the right usage of the words you learn. So, once you learn some new words, make sure to use them in your day-to-day life. One can explore English grammar for competitive exams too.