Creative ways to blur background of photo like a pro

Photos with blurred backgrounds have an aesthetic that’s hard to resist. They draw the eye to the main subject of the image and make it look much more professional. While you often hear about how difficult it is to get that perfect blurred background in your photos, it doesn’t have to be hard. With a few simple techniques, you can blur background of photo like a pro. Here’s how to achieve a perfectly blurred background.

Traditional ways to blur photo background

One of the simplest ways to blur your background is to use a shallow depth of field. This is a technique that photographers use to create images with one part of the image in focus and the rest out of focus. To do this, you’ll need to use a wide aperture like f/2.8 or f/4. The wider the aperture, the more pronounced the effect of the blur. Adjust your aperture and your focus point until you have the desired effect.

The next technique is to use a long lens. Long lenses have a much narrower field of view than a standard lens, so the background is much more out of focus. This is especially true when you’re shooting at a longer distance. If you don’t have a long lens, you can use a teleconverter to extend the reach of your current lens.

Another great way to blur your backgrounds is to use a neutral density filter. This filter is placed on the front of your lens and reduces the amount of light that enters the lens. This allows you to use a larger aperture and get an even more pronounced blur effect.

Finally, if you’re shooting in the studio, you can use a light to help you blur your background. Place a light behind your subject and point it towards the background. This will make the background much brighter compared to the subject, which will make it easier to blur.

Creative ways to blur background of photo online

Blurring the background of a photo can help emphasize the subject or focus the attention of the viewer. With the help of a image blurrer, you can easily add a blur effect to any photo. All you need to do is upload your photo and let the tool do the rest. You can adjust the blur intensity, depending on what kind of look you want.

If you are looking for a free and reliable image blurrer, look no further than AiPasspoprtPhotos. It can automatically blur background of photo in just a few clicks. It eliminates the need for manual editing and you can save both time and cost on complicated photo processing. 6 different levels of blur effects are available to choose from. Here’s how to do:

You also can blur photo background on your iPhone or Android. Simply navigate to AiPassportPhotos website in your browser. Select blur background tool and upload your photo. Then wait for the system to intelligently process the photo and save it to your device.

This powerful tool also helps to restore old photos, color correct pictures, enhance photo quality online. Graphic designers, photographer or individuals can benefit from this easy-to-use tool and create professional photo.

Why blur background of photo online?

Background blurring is often used to draw attention to a specific subject in the photo and reduce distractions from the background. It can also be used to create a sense of mystery or to add a dreamy feel to the image. Here are some of the most common reasons why you should consider blurring the background of your photos online:

Adds Depth and Dimension

Blurring the background of a photo can help add depth and dimension to an image. The sharp contrast between the subject and the blurred background helps draw attention to the subject and makes it stand out.

Enhances Your Subject

Blurring the background of a photo can also help to enhance the subject of the photo. By blurring the background, you can make the subject appear more vibrant and detailed. This is especially useful if the background contains elements that detract from the subject.

Creates a Dreamy Feel

Blurring the background of a photo can also help create a dreamy feel. This is often used in fashion photography and portraiture to create an ethereal and romantic atmosphere.

Reduces Clutter

Blurring the background of a photo can also help reduce clutter in the photo. By blurring the background, you can draw attention to the main subject and reduce distractions.

Adds a Sense of Mystery

Blurring the background of a photo can also add a sense of mystery to the image. By blurring the background, you can create an atmosphere of intrigue and draw the viewer’s attention.


By using these techniques, you can blur background of photo like a pro. With a little practice and experimentation, you’ll be able to create stunning photos with beautifully blurred backgrounds.

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