Creating music that tells a story- Exit 5B

In a world of increasing competition, it is difficult to stay different and create music which embodies yourself rather than other influences around you. Making music from scratch is already not everyone’s cup of tea but to consider that on top of it all you have to worry about not sounding similar to anyone else and having your own style can be an infuriating ordeal to say the least. Yet this is the truth that most musicians of today’s generation have to deal with but there are only a few know the answer to getting out of this situation. One such individual is Exit 5B a rising global phenomenon receiving appreciation for his innovative style and obsession for all things creative.

Rich Porter aka Exit 5B’s real name is Martel Conya Porter and he was born on the 16th of January 1989 in Louisville, KY. Growing up in a typical American household Exit 5B found several opportunities to learn about the voracious world of music and the people who could be contacted to gain entry to it. Fortunately, not wanting to ignore the signals from life Exit 5B decided to inculcate his talent in all things music and began taking a special interest in rap and hip hop.

To date some of his best songs are StreetCred Rich- I ain’t Breakin Down Sht (The H 2) and Foundations. While they both may vary widely in terms of style and lyrical approach it is this fact that Exit 5B is always ready to re-invent himself and come up with something better that is the main reason for taking an interest in this artist. While it might be difficult to describe all the different genres of music he pursues in a single statement, one word that generally sums up who Exit 5B is, is creative. Keeping alive the true meaning of being an artist Exit 5B brings a sense of flair and performance to his songs using them as a form of expressing himself in the eyes of the outside world. If you are someone who likes a bit more of a theatrical approach to things and would like to be immersed in music rather than just keeping it as a background to life then Exit 5B is the perfect artist for you.

While Exit 5B has been in the industry for quite some time his career as a professional has just started and will take on many more forms before coming to its peak. If you want to support Exit 5B make sure to check out his music by following the link provided below.