Creating Gifts with Photobooks and Photocalendars

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts for various members of the family can be an uphill task every holiday season. This is compounded where the family is large and you would like to find the perfect gift for each member. However, there is an easier way to go about this- customising the gift. Great examples of highly customisable gifts are photobooks and photocalendars. We take a look at how you can create the perfect Christmas presents for various members of the family without breaking the bank and why they are perfect gifts.

Creating a photobook and album
Photocalendars and photobooks are some of the gifts with the greatest ability for customisation. What you will require are various photos of the intended recipient and the captions to be used on various pages of the book or calendar. You can include as many photos as you wish, customise the theme colours, the size, the style of the book or calendar, include personal messages in the calendar or book and also leave some space for the recipient to include their own comments and captions. In addition to this, you can bring out the personality or some select characters of the intended recipient through customisation. Moreover, if you have digitized copies of your photos from your phone or social media, you can directly turn them into a photo book through online tools like Printed Memories. You can easily create your design and they will have it deliver it to you right away.

Make it fun
The good thing about customised gifts is that you have the ability to turn them into fun projects. Playing around with colours, fonts, the arrangement of the photos, the combination of words, puns, silly captions and emojis can bring out the funny side of life. You may even choose to turn the photos you have into cartoon characters or something else you fancy to make it fun. Remember, the idea of fun in each calendar or book should consider the tastes and preferences of the recipient.

Including the photos of the recipient in the calendar or book is okey but you can also go a step further by including funny photos of their pets, the places they love to visit, the activities they enjoy, photos of the family and friends and so on. These, accompanied by creative captions can transform a calendar or book into one of their favourite possessions on earth.

Significant dates
If you are creating a photocalendar to gift a family member of friend, you can include best wishes or special messages for each of the significant dates in their lives. This may include their birthdays, their anniversaries, the hard days and so on. The personalised messages included on the calendar can make a big difference to the recipient the following year. However, you must be careful not to mess up the dates or mix up the messages as this could get awkward.

Photobooks and calendars for everyone
The good thing about these kinds of gifts is that they can be given to people in different age categorises, stages of life and even financial status. For grandparents, calendars or books that remind them of their children and grandchildren as well as the significant dates for each member are an excellent idea. For kids, books that remind them of their current and past pets, their friends, the activities they love engaging in as well as their dreams and aspirations are also an excellent idea. For adults, there is so much to achieve with a book or calendar including reminding them of the funny occurrences in their lives, showcasing some of their funny childhood memories, including their children in the book and even showing them where they have come from and where they are heading to.

Why they make the perfect gifts
One of the greatest advantages of such gifts is their affordability which reduces the financial burden of those who have to gift a larger number of people or those who may not be doing so well but would still like to gift their loved ones. The second advantage is their uniqueness. Even if you were to create this kind of gifts for different members of the family, each member will end up with a unique gift given that they have different personalities, like different activities and have different sets of friends.

Photocalendars and books tell a story about one’s past, current situation or future occurrences. They are therefore a great conversation starter and they can be discussed for hours on end. They can therefore turn around your day or night and eliminate the awkward silence when there is nothing else to speak about especially in cases where one is hosting new friends or colleagues.

They are also easy to create and eliminate the hustle of shopping around for the perfect gift. Therefore, they are ideal for people who do not have a lot of time to shop around for gifts during the holiday season. Besides, once you have finished up the book or calendar, it can be printed, packed and wrapped nicely and finally delivered to the intended recipient. It can therefore save you a lot of time and energy.


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