Creating Compelling Video Content for Your Brand: Tools and Techniques

In recent times, the entire content creation has shifted from photo medium to video medium and people aren’t used to it, so adjusting and learning could be difficult. I am glad that you are searching for it! A brand can generate 85% more traffic with video content as compared to written and photo content. I believe it’s high time we recognize the importance of high-quality video creation for our brands to reach a wider audience to grow our brands.

So, here are all the techniques and tools that I can tell you as an expert video creator and editor! Better let’s begin with 7 techniques for creating compelling video content for your brand!

Set goals for your brand: Setting and knowing what you want from the video content you are planning to make is an important factor. This will also help you to target a specific audience that is relevant to your brand. Setting goals will make it easy for you to achieve your goals. When your videos will be seen by your targeted audience, there are more chances of engagement and this as a result leads to more business. But, if you struggle with identifying how you can set goals in accordance with your brand’s current revenue/situation, you can now reach out to Perpetual Group. Perpetual Group is a branding agency Saudi Arabia that helps brands to create a road map to grow a brand. So, you can always reach out to such opportunities without having a second thought.

Concentrate on Your Brand’s Narrative: For a brand, good storytelling and what your brand is about, and most importantly how you thought of making it is a major factor people will come to you. Talking about your products in an informative yet interesting way can get you more customers rather than just posting random videos about your products. So, you must focus on that alongside good quality sound and video. Other than that, there is a major reason behind video content success through videos people can see your facial expressions and can connect with you branding agency.

Format your videos: You will see a major difference between a small brand video creation and a big brand, that’s where formatting your videos in the right way comes in. You might not know about this earlier but this is a significant step in creating compelling videos. You need to sit and see how you should talk about your topic so that you can attain users’ attention. I must add that the first 5 – 10 seconds of your video are extremely important so you must provide value at the start of your video.

Tailor videos for mobile screens: I always say that now the internet is all on mobile screens as people are no longer interested to see sort format content or entertainment on the laptop screen or TV screen if it’s not long format. Now, when you as a brand create videos, they should be short format videos and should be tailored according to themobile screen view. Irrespective of the platform you are posting on, if you are not posting a mobile-friendly formatted video you will be at risk of loose a great audience.

Make use of screen recording: Screen recording is another way of creating compelling videos that can get the attention of the users. You can easily showcase and promote your products by showing them product demos through screen recording. Screen recording is a great way to create tutorials that explain how to use your product or service. This can help your audience get the most out of your product and improve their overall experience. Overall, screen recording can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to promote their products and services and there is numerous option available.

Devise a simple SEO strategy: SEO is the most effective way you can create high-end videos. Now you must be wondering how SEO resonates with creating video content. There are multiple steps that you need to complete to post a video that can attract users to buy from your brand. Talking about it, you need to add catchy titles and attractive thumbnails that not only look great but deliver half of the video information or even target the pain point of the users. By doing so they will click right away on the video to see what you have got for them. Other than that, adding keywords to your video description can help you greatly. We as an audience search with some specific words so you should always think like an audience when putting up the title and thumbnails for your videos.

Add testimonials: Adding good testimonials in your brand video while giving your users information can help you get 3X more sales. I believe a brand is built on the trust factor between you and your audience. So, you can add the likes, comments queries, and reviews that people leave in your inbox about your products. You can also add case studies to support your narrative. This way people will trust you as an authentic person/brand who knows what they are doing and will work with you.

Use of video creation tools: Using high-end tools that can help you create compelling videosbecause of their extraordinary features. By making use of zoom-in, zoom-out, adding effects, and adding music in the background can help you greatly. Recently, multiple software has come with a new text feature and the ability to add text to your videos makes it easier to convey your message and ideas to your audience. You can use text to provide context, highlight important information, or add captions to your videos.

Apple Final Cut Pro: It is one of the most efficient video editors that are used for editing movies and YouTube videos. It is used by experts and has got multiple features in it from visual effect work to strong audio functioning.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe premiere pro is used by professionals and enthusiasts alike. It enables users to export their projects in a variety of formats appropriate for different platforms and devices, and it supports a wide number of video formats and resolutions, including 8K and virtual reality formats.

In conclusion, create compelling videos can be difficult for you if you have just shifted from a photo medium or you are just starting your journey with internet. But you can master your skill in a month or two by learning from the internet and doing some hand on practice.

Syed Qasim

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