Creating a Digital Presence: The Four-step Marketing Formula

Businesses know that the path to success involves digital transformation. The digital age is forging a journey involving pit stops on innovation and technological advancements that entrepreneurs are fortunate enough to witness. Almost 89% of businesses completed or pursued digital transformation for their processes and operations, making their efforts more efficient and profitable. You can find many business tasks that benefit from digitalization, particularly in the marketing division.

Digital marketing is fast becoming the primary method of engaging customers in the digital age, with digital marketing and creative ad agencies appearing here and there. However, it can be challenging to accomplish it without the necessary tools and resources to rival your industry’s competitors. Many companies already invested heavily into creating teams to handle the demands.

One of the primary tasks of the marketing division involves maintaining a digital presence. If you want to ensure that your business stands a chance against established corporations, you can utilize this formula to digital presence success.

Marketing Team Assembly

Pursuing digital marketing provides your business with many benefits. Among those advantages involve connecting with more customers and clients than any traditional strategies can provide. The unlimited accessibility allows you to increase sales at a dramatic level, even to the point of reaching global influence. With all those attractive scenarios when creating a digital presence, you must ensure that your marketing team can handle the task.

Since you have access to many potential customers, you should ensure that your digital presence remains as active as it can be. Unfortunately, your current marketing team might find it challenging to keep up with the fast-paced demands. The first step to maintaining a digital presence is to ensure that you have every person you need for the division. Try to identify the roles and skills necessary to accomplish what you want to pursue. Once you populate your marketing team, you can start setting up your business for digital success.

Content Creation and Planning

When maintaining a digital presence for your company, you have to provide customers with something new regularly. It might not be original content, but you must convince consumers that your company is worth keeping an eye on when it comes to their purchasing decisions.

Content creation and planning become your basis for digital presence. You have to create calendars, establish a bank, and prepare future projects to ensure that you never run out of things to attract and engage customers. Being inactive for weeks could lead to significant drops in traffic, making you lose the potential of more customers.

Your digital presence must remain consistent, so you must provide your digital marketing team with solutions and directions. Team members might derive ideas from their analytical strategies and creative approach, strengthening the content marketing strategy necessary to create a digital presence.

Identification of Digital Platforms

Creating a digital presence feels like a simple task, but it consists of many angles. Part of your journey involves identifying the different platforms where making noise is essential for your business. Your research can help you come up with multiple lists. Digital websites, landing pages, social media, digital marketplaces, and public forums are some of the most common areas where you have to establish a presence. If you dive deeper into your industry’s hangout locations, you can find more sites than your marketing can handle.

Try to identify the particular sites where your target audience might be prevalent. Once you identify those areas, you can establish a presence to attract as many people as possible. The strategy allows you to build enough of a reputation to ensure your efforts in other sites feel seamless.

Metrics Establishment

It can be challenging to identify if your digital presence is working or not. Other companies are trying to vie for customers’ attention, so your content’s likes and comments might be volatile. Fortunately, you can set up metrics to help you figure out if your campaigns are working or not. You might invest heavily into these strategies, so you might have to abandon those that do not result in leads. Those metrics are critical to identifying if your marketing team is attracting and engaging with customers until it convinces them to purchase or book meetings with the sales team.

Creating a digital presence for your company is a challenging task. Fortunately, this marketing formula can ensure your progress to success. You might have to seek help from different firms to help you out with creative ideas. However, accomplishing these steps allows you to keep up with digital transformation for your marketing division.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.