Create Your Own Custom Poly mailers With These Tips

Are you also one of those who want to create their poly mailers? If you are looking to make your fun, eye-catchy, and colorful poly mailer that is cost-effective and promotes your brand perfectly, you are in the right place. You can easily customize your poly mailer as per your style and preferences with our essential tips on how to create custom poly mailers. Whether you want to stick your logo or enjoy something with a lot of color and imagery to it, you can do them all with our essential tips.

Choosing A Mailer Size:

Yes, this one is undoubtedly crucial when customizing your poly mailer. Of course, you need to know the dimensions and size of what you will be shipping, so they can easily accommodate all of your stuff in them. Of course, you would want your mailer to be big enough so your products can fit in quickly, and you do not have any of the leftover space left to roll your poly mailer.

Background Colour:

The simple white and grey color tone of a poly mailer is a great way to add some striking tones from the color palette. However, you can stick with your logo, but adding some color variations will make your poly mailer more visually appealing and increase the brand value.

Stock Artwork:

Browsing for some exciting stock artworks is a fun and exciting way to add some iconography to your custom poly mailer. How to choose one? Look for your design theme, and thereby, you will get an idea about what imagery you should be choosing. You can take inspiration from the upcoming holiday season or any event that you are working for.

Add Your Text:

Well, this tip is optional when customizing your poly mailer but is undoubtedly a great way to promote your brand. Now you must be wondering what text you should be adding to the poly mailer? Well, you can use the tagline of your product or brand, announcing or declaring the launch of a product. You can customize your text in whatever style you like by choosing your favorite font style and color.

Layers Management:

To change the layering of any of your design elements, you can use the four lines icon. It will help you with whatever sort of issue you are going through, like hiding some graphical error or just trying to showcase a unique layering effect. Once you are done with whatever layers you wanted to change, you can lock them in one place using the padlock icon.

Select Quantity:

Now you are almost done with customizing your poly mailer, and it’s very much good to go. Now comes the critical part of choosing the quantity, and how many poly mailers are precisely required? It is pretty much quite simple to answer since every brand is aware of its sales volume, right? So, opt for the correct quantity as per your sales volume.


One essential thing you need to keep in mind before you checkout is to save your customized poly mailer design. Maybe you will need it later in the future, so you must save it right away and protect yourself later.


By the end of this article, we hope we have helped you with some of the essential and cost-effective tips that can help you create your very own attractive and indeed striking customized poly mailer as per your style preferences and brand choices.