Create the Best Environment For Movie Night

These Days Everything Requires Planning
The news cycle went nuclear a few years ago. In one day, more goes on than in a year back in the eighties, or at least that’s how it seems. Then of course we’ve got the whole lockdown craziness held over from 2020 to contend with, and don’t even start thinking about politics; you won’t finish reading this paragraph. The modern world is often bad for the mind.

Work, society, family, the unexpected, technology—with all these things combined together, your mind is constantly pulled in a dozen different directions. But if you’re going to enjoy life and get along with the people around you, it’s going to take a little work. You’re going to have to plan in advance.

A strong, healthy relationship with your spouse helps keep you mentally stable. One of the best ways to unwind and have fellowship with your spouse is going to be a movie night. However, you’ve likely had the experience where as much as you want to just sit down and lose yourselves in a good movie, the distractions of life keep pulling you away.

Between news and responsibilities, it becomes hard to just let yourself be borne off on the winds of fiction. Well, there are ways to help you overcome this difficulty. In this article, we’ll cover a few.

Put Those Phones and Computers Somewhere Else
Smartphones are primarily a social media vehicle, and social media has patterned the way it notifies users of updates or interactions after gambling “best practices”. Essentially, the sounds, vibrations, colors, and punctuation are all designed to manipulate users into continuous interaction. It’s not just phones; laptops and tablets invite the same problems.

If you’re going to get past that, you need to put the devices down for a few hours. It’s not like you’re getting rid of technology entirely—you’ll be watching a movie, after all. So put your phones, laptops, tablets, and other IoT devices that invite distraction somewhere you can’t see them until the film is over.

Give Yourself a Comfortable Place to Watch the Movie
The next thing you need to think about for full enjoyment of a film in comfort. What do you expect will be more comfortable: a stool or a recliner? If you’re perched on a stool, you’ll be leaning forward and your back will hurt, or you’ll be leaning back and at risk to fall over. If you’re in a recliner, you’ll be able to lean back into it and totally lose yourself.

But you and your spouse will have trouble fitting comfortably in a recliner. Couches that recline and have footstools help, but there’s an even better third option. This link explains a little about the best mattress options for couples. Whether watching the movie or each other, you’ll be at your most comfortable. You can totally kick back in comfort and relax.

Don’t Forget All the Snacks!
If you’re going to sit for ninety minutes to three hours and watch a movie, you’re probably going to get a little peckish. Maybe you’ll want some chips, maybe you’ll want something tangy, maybe beef jerky will be what you crave. Popcorn, fruits, vegetables—celery and peanut butter or ranch dressing (depending on your preference) can be a fine snack.

Once you’ve put aside all the devices, found yourself a comfortable way to recline, and acquired the right snacks, you’ll be set to relax entirely, and truly lose yourself in a good movie.

Choosing the Right Movie
Last, but certainly not least, you and your spouse need to make sure you both pick a movie you can agree on. Snacks, mattresses, and erasing distractions do nothing for either of you if you pick a film that irritates half the audience watching. The wife may want a romantic comedy, the husband probably wants some funky sci-fi debacle. What can you agree on?

You need to figure out how to reconcile these different tastes in movie genres. Perhaps trade-off who picks movies and have fun with it. Try to think of those nights when you were dating and truly “learning” about one another. And by all means—especially if the one reading this is the man—don’t dismiss your spouse’s favorite movie because it doesn’t quite fit with you; that’s a ticket to the basement couch.