Create N Cash OTO – 1st to 5th All 5 OTOs Details Here + VIP 5,000 Bonuses

Are you prepared to abandon the monotonous routine of a 9-5 job?

Are you ready to settle your outstanding debts and commence constructing genuine riches?

Depend on Create N Cash, the most trustworthy and consistent approach to accomplish this.

YOU possess all the necessary elements to profit from this unique opportunity.

  • Use AI tools to create and sell your first product in 7 days.
  • Students Earning $10,000+ with their first product – See student results on this page.
  • No ads or traffic – Tap into an existing stream of buyers.
  • NO copywriting – Simple AI tool generates sales letters and videos for you.
  • 60-Day ‘first product launch guarantee’ – this works for you or you pay nothing.
  • Working now in 2023 – Recession-proof business model set to explode over the next 5 years.
  • NO Limits – YOU are in complete control of how much you earn


Create N Cash is a 3-step formula to run your business optimized with the latest AI technology to make it as effortless for launching your first course.

Create N Cash FE: Create N Cash

Create N Cash OTO 1: Create N Cash Unlimited

Create N Cash OTO 2: Create N Cash Friends of Luther Traffic

Create N Cash OTO 3: Create N Cash Done-with-you Package

Create N Cash OTO 4: Create N Cash 100% Commission Rights

Create N Cash OTO 5: Landro Inner Circle Gold Membership


Let’s discover Create N Cash:

  • How to use AI to generate and launch a profitable eCourse in 7 days…
  • How to leverage AI chatbots to generate dozens of winning product ideas in any niche…
  • My “Product Profit Potential” formula for picking the highest profit idea from the list (This formula is responsible for 134 product of the day awards)
  • How to use AI to summarize big courses sold online and sell the summary for fast cash…
  • How to generate full eBooks in minutes …
  • How to generate full training videos including audio voiceovers…
  • My $10 million dollar sales copy template you can use with AI to generate winning sales copy for any product…
  • Marketplace hacks that leapfrog your product to the top of markets like Warrior Plus or Udemy (Never worry about traffic or advertising again) …
  • How to sell high ticket courses generated by AI…
  • How to use sales events and product updates to keep your courses selling for years generating income for life
  • Affiliate attraction strategies that get top affiliate marketers promoting you and sending you thousands of buyers a week

Step 1: Generate Product ideas with AI chatbots.

Start with any of the big 3 niches… Health, wealth, relationships, or any topic that interests you. These can range from smaller niches like cooking to small hobbies…

Then use AI chatbots to generate dozens of product ideas with a simple text prompt:

With the right query, AI bots will generate dozens of product ideas for any topic.

Use my ‘Product Profit Potential’ formula to pick the best ideas to turn into products.

Listen: I’ve used this PPP formula to find product ideas that have won product of the day on Warrior Plus over 100 times and have been on the front page of Udemy attracting over 100,000 customers to my offers.

The right Chat query combined with my Product Profit Potential formula will help you generate and find the bestselling product ideas for any market.

Step 2: AI-Assisted Product creation.

It only takes a few hours of research to come up with a full product outline using my templates and AI will fill in the rest.

The right AI tools take your product outline and turn it into a full eCourse.

Generate full eBooks complete with illustrations and images… Use voice narration AI to turn your eBooks into audiobooks… Or even full-length video courses with some little-known AI video creation tools.

Whether you want to sell a fully digital course for high ticket sales or make quick cash with a simple eBook on Warrior Plus… These AI tools allow you to do up to 50x the work without any previous experience.

Perhaps the best part is you can use these same AI tools to generate all the sales material you need to sell your course.

Full sales letters, hard-hitting video sales letters, and sales emails can all be generated at the click of a button giving you everything you need to be productive.

Step 3: Launch your course.

Once you’ve generated your course all you have to do is list it on the right digital course marketplace and…

You’re done!

The marketplace will handle payments, sales, delivery, returns, and refunds…

And most importantly send you a steady stream of hungry customers.

Optional Step 4: Scale!

You can use Create N Cash to quickly build a catalog of products that earn you passive income. Every product you launch builds your customer list that keeps buying every time you launch something new.

You can use this list to do profitable cross-promotions with other product vendors promoting their offers for an affiliate commission while they promote your courses to their list in return.

Your sales, list, and income grow month after month as you increase your course catalog.



Create N Cash works for rookies and veterans alike.

  1. Fire your boss – Have enough money that you can walk away from any situation. You are a slave to no one and can adopt a ‘take no crap’ philosophy.
  2. ZERO debt, huge savings, and an 800 credit score – My debts are completely paid off, and all my bills are paid ahead of time. This has boosted my credit and made everything cheaper. Think about it: With good credit comes lower mortgage rates, credit card rates, and bonus perks only offered to those with good credit.
  3. Bills are paid ahead of time – I have enough saved to pay my bills for the next 3 years. Every month I receive a statement saying I owe $0 because the bills have been pre-paid. The stress I used to feel is just gone…
  4. ​Emergency fund for anything that comes your way – Life happens. Maybe the most important thing this program has given me is the peace of mind of a nest egg that is there for my family that can be used to solve any problem that comes our way.
  5. ​Work on my own time – Some days I sleep late. Some nights I go to bed early. Some days I just play with my kids. I plan my work around my life and not my life around my work.
  6. ​Work from anywhere – My family and I moved to a quiet little community that has been a blessing for us. We spend summers away in different parts of the world. All the while, I am able to run my business from my laptop. This has been an amazing experience for myself and my children.

Module 1: The ‘Product Profit Potential’ Formula…

Listen: 90% of your digital course’s success comes from having the right product idea from the start…

The right idea means the difference between your product going unnoticed at the bottom of the marketplace…

And becoming a best seller with a product of the day awards, affiliate promotions, and thousands of dollars in monthly sales…

At the time of this recording, I’ve been awarded product of the day by Warrior Plus 136 times…

I’ve had products reach top seller status on Udemy being featured on the front page of their site…

And multiple awards on JVZoo, ClickBank, and other platforms…

This much exposure is not by accident…

It’s a tested formula for consistently picking winning ideas for over 10 years…

AI chats generate ideas…

My Product Profit Potential Formula picks the winners…

Module 2: The 7-Day AI Enhanced Product Creation System

In this module, We’re going to use all the latest AI tools to turn your winning product idea into a fully digital course in 7 days…

Learn how to generate full eBooks in minutes…

AI voice narration for audiobooks…

Slides and PowerPoint presentations using a little-known AI tool…

And how to put it all together into a fully AI-generated video course.

I’ll show you how to use the latest tools to generate accurate results as well as which tools you should avoid if you want to have error-free, high-quality content every time.

Module 3: The 10-Minute Million-Dollar Sales Letter Template

I’ve been using and refining these templates for over 10 years and it’s the same one I use on all my product launches generating 6 figures a month in sales and revenues.

Use this template with AI copywriting tools to produce winning sales letters that convert like gangbusters and sell your product for you.

Product creators have paid me a small fortune to get their hands on this in the past and it is secretly responsible for some of the biggest product launches online.

My Million-dollar template combined with the right ai copywriting tools gives you an unfair advantage over every other course seller in any market.

Module 4: Digital Course Marketplace Hacks

Leapfrog your digital course to the top of any marketplace to start generating sales immediately without SEO, buying ads, or begging affiliates to promote you.

Getting to the top of Warrior Plus, Udemy, or any digital course market is no accident.

There are dozens of little hacks and tricks that ensure you get the most amount of buyer traffic sent to your course when you launch.

You’ll learn the surprising, best days to launch, time of day…

How to hack notifications so markets send out emails to their members alerting them to your products.

Shortcut your learning curve by following my simple launch checklist to ensure you get the most visibility on your digital course as possible from the moment you launch.

Bonus Module: Scale to 7-Figures.

To make this the last training you ever need, I’m including a bonus module on how to scale your digital course business to 7 figures and beyond…

Learn all the strategies I use to consistently pull in over $100,000 every month in sales and commissions.


Create N Cash has 1 Front-end and 5 OTOs:


  • Module 1: The Product Profit Potential Formula – $97 Value
  • Module 2: 7-Day AI Enhanced Product Creation System – $97 Value
  • Module 3: 10-Minute Letter template – $97 value
  • Module 4: Digital Course Marketplace Hacks – $97 Value
  • Bonus Module: 7-Figure Scaling – $197 Value
  • Bonus 1: Emergency Cash Booster (first few sales only) – $47 Value
  • Bonus 2: Product Profit Formula Cheatsheet – $197 Value
  • Bonus 3: AI Cheatsheet – $97 Value
  • Bonus 4: Launch Checklist – $97 Value
  • Bonus 5: $91,000 Case Study – $197 Value
  • On-Demand Coaching Program – $497/Month Value


Now You Too Can Experience What Folks Are Calling The ‘Million Dollar AI Miracle.’.

The Most Powerful Marketing Hacks That 10X Your Results And Help You Bank $10,000 Or More On Your Next Product

Congratulations on making the smartest decision today and giving yourself the chance you deserve to earn a passive income with Create N Cash. You now have everything you need to create and launch your own digital product generating thousands of sales on Warrior Plus and other e-learning marketplaces.

However, many of my best customers are a lot like me – they are a tad impatient, and they want every possible opportunity to achieve better results and achieve them faster.

That’s why I composed this letter for you. Please read it carefully.

Every successful product creator knows that making money online requires the right tools and personal coaching to achieve results. Until now, the problem has been time, lack of convenience, and of course price.

That’s why I decided to let you in on some of the sneakiest marketing hacks I have ever found in my over 15 years of selling digital products online. I call these tricks my ‘Marketing bag of money tricks’.

These secrets have been formulated after years of growing my product business to over a million dollars a year… a few small tweaks to everything I was already doing can 10X your results without any extra work… Automatically and without effort.

With these secrets, you get to follow the Create N Cash Program and earn 10X the profits with no extra work.

These ‘Marketing Hacks’ Have Already Caught The Eye of Big Names in the Industry and Are Normally Only Taught Through $2,500/hour Coaching Sessions.

As silly as it sounds, even though these tweaks are small, I get paid thousands of dollars an hour to make them for you… And over the years, I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars in private coaching fees to have some of the biggest names in the industry make these same tweaks in my business.

These secrets are closely guarded and only taught in private coaching sessions because they work and make the difference between a few hundred dollars a month… and hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a month.

They’ve been working so well for members of Create N Cash that I’ve decided to take all of my private coaching tweaks and offer them as an on-demand coaching system… before this training becomes a private invite-only program.

Introducing: Create N Cash Unlimited… Your On-Demand 10x Coaching program

Simply apply the steps in the unlimited program to your Create N Cash account, and you’re set. Nothing could be easier.

The best time for you to use the small tweaks in Unlimited is right away to increase the results you get from Create N Cash exponentially. (Read on to see just how fast this scales to $10,000… then to $100,000 per month in profits)

Here’s What You Can Expect to See When You Apply the Hacks in This Unlimited Coaching to Create N CashWithin 1-2 days, you’ll feel confident…

Most report results in a lot faster because most of the work is done for you (you’ll see how in a minute). It’s an unfair advantage over other Create N Cash members. Others report having an easier time going through the challenge because these tips help you set things up faster.

Within 1-2 weeks, you’ll experience the excitement of receiving that first big check…
The most commonly reported result of Create N Cash Unlimited is the ability to earn more money in less time.

You’re literally spending the same 20-30 minutes a day with Create N Cash, just getting 10X the results without the stress of trying to figure everything out. You’ll have everything laid out for you. That means less work yet bigger checks than other members of Create N Cash.

Within 1-2 months, you’ll notice your debt is gone, and your bank account is filled.
Create N Cash Unlimited is all about maximizing results fast. These small tweaks will take you to $10,000 a month or more quickly without doing any additional work (or even working less than you would without them).

Reaching 6 or 7 figures per year is easy when you use these million-dollar hacks.

These Unlimited Hacks Give You An Unfair Advantage… Doing Half The Work And Earning 10X As Much.
Here are just some of the things you will discover in the Business Loan Hero Unlimited coaching program:

How to steal buyer email leads from product vendors: This sneaky trick will allow you to siphon buyer leads off any product launch. Use this every time you see a guru launching to get their leads while earning a commission on the sales.
How to steal buyer traffic from Warrior Plus: This is by far the best source of traffic for any affiliate marketer. Build your list with people who are proven to buy products on Warrior Plus to jump in front of an already existing flow of money.
AI video sales letter template – Video sales letters generate far more sales than text-only letters. Use this template with the right AI tools to generate a sales video without writing the script, recording your voice, or having it appear on camera.
Cross-selling strategy that gets customers buying multiple high-ticket offers – Selling multiple high-ticket products is the secret to scaling this business. Customers have spent over $10,000 with me over their lifetime using this strategy

Every customer that enters your funnel is potentially worth thousands of dollars using these cross-sell and upsell tactics.
My affiliate attraction checklist – Follow this checklist to get other product owners to promote your product as an affiliate.
Thousands of dollars in free ad traffic: Use these coupon hacks to get free ad credits with all the top ad networks. Use your Create N Cash funnel to convert this traffic into free leads that pay you over and over again.
Product pricing formula that attracts the most customers while earning a top dollar per sale – Split tested over hundreds of launches, this is the formula I use to price every product in my sales funnels.
How to set up recurring products that pay you monthly with every sale – Get the sale once and get paid forever. I’ll show you how to use AI content generators to keep your customers happily paying you month in, month out.
High ticket affiliate marketing products you can sell on the back end – Promote these auto-webinar products to your buyers to earn $1,000+ commissions. Promoting just 1 or 2 of these every month is enough to earn a full-time income from your buyers list with no additional work.
The 2-line code snippet you can add to your sales page to convert non-buyers into email leads – Double your sales overnight by following up with non-buyers to bring them back to your sales funnel. (Think about it: If your sales funnel has a high 10% conversion, that’s still 90% of visitors who are on the fence and need that extra push!)
The daily routine of internet millionaires: Dan studied the daily routine of REAL internet millionaires while working for them as freelance programmer. They don’t wake at 5 am, they don’t have some crazy diet or morning meditation routine like productivity gurus might claim. Discover the daily routine that not only sets them apart as business owners but allows them to live a balanced life, enjoying the fruits of their labors.
The 5-minute routine you must do BEFORE you start any business: This daily hack will help you manifest more wealth in your life in the next 12 months than you’ve had in the last 12 years.
Self-confidence on demand: The simple mind hack that will break you out of any funk instantly and have you feeling like a millionaire. (You become a millionaire in your mind before you earn that first million-dollar check – not the other way around.)
10-day fast action plan: Never be stuck wondering what to do next. This 10-day action plan will take you step by step each day on what you should do to see results with Create N Cash.
Listen: This is just a fraction of what you’ll find inside the Unlimited coaching program.

After 30-60 Days, Things Get Really Exciting
The Unlimited coaching program allows you to take the results from Create N Cash and 10X them every month.

By offering high-ticket products in your sales funnels and cross-promoting with other product creators your customer value will grow to over $1,000…

And with the expanded traffic sourced in Unlimited, you’ll be generating MORE sales with the same funnels…

All together earning 10X without any additional work inside of Create N Cash.

At a $1,000 commission per sale (on the low side when you use Unlimited), it doesn’t take many referrals to earn a full-time income:

5 sales/month: $5,000 per month or $60,000 per year.

10 sales/month: $10,000 per month or $120,000 per year.

20 sales/month: $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year.

50 sales/month: $50,000 per month or $600,000 per year.

*These are merely examples, your results can be better or worse.

And Yes: These are 100% ethical, legal, and easy-to-implement affiliate ‘hacks’ that require NO coding, NO building websites, NO email lists, NO selling, and NOTHING technical at all.
Just A Few Tweaks To What You Are Already Doing Inside Create N Cash to 10X Your Results (Plus One Very Unique and Powerful Trick 90% of People Are Missing Out On)
The strategies in Unlimited are common (except for two, which frankly I’ve never seen anyone reveal or use before); however, combining these marketing hacks with the AI product creation you get inside of Create N Cash creates a combined effect that can 10X your results without any additional work.

Most people who are trying to earn money online are missing this one ingredient that holds them back from success. A lot of first-timers are missing this one key ingredient to breaking through and becoming financially independent.

Because Your Financial Future And Livelihood Are at Stake, I’ve Decided To Do Something A Little Crazy…
As much as I’d like to promise you this forever, I can’t offer these marketing hacks to everyone.

What I can do is offer this to you now as a customer of Create N Cash to put these tricks to work in your business so you can get the most out of your time in this coaching program.

However, Your Borderline ‘Insane’ Discount Is Only Available To You On This Page AND Before Our Offer Is Sold Out…
So If You Close This Page, This Offer Will Be Passed On To The Next Lucky Person.
Just remember: The number you see below is the number of copies that are available. Once sold out, we will not be allowing more people to access, and they will have to purchase our $2,500/hour coaching to get access to these hacks.

So, you simply must take action now, or you’ll lose out on what is absolutely the fastest, least expensive, and easiest online income coaching there is.




Be The Next Clone N Cash Super Affiliate Earning 100% Commission On This $1,051.85 Funnel

If you’re serious about earning the most money possible in your affiliate business then you need to read every word of this short letter. I wrote it to warn you about some of the difficulties new affiliates face when they get into the industry for the first time…

…And to give you an exclusive, one-time opportunity to become one of my Super Affiliates for the Clone N Cash program.

Super Affiliates have an unfair advantage
Being a Super Affiliate means you have access opportunities that other affiliates don’t.

As a Super Affiliate, you get auto-approved on the newest, most exclusive offers before anyone else gets a chance to promote them. Your list will be the first to see these super high converting offers earning you all the initial commissions.

Super affiliates also get higher payouts than everyone else. Vendors pay 80-90% commissions because they know super affiliates can send huge amounts of quality traffic. This makes it easier to advertise because their profit margins are better than any other affiliates.

Product vendors also bend over backwards to help super affiliates generate sales. They will write your email swipes for you, build pre-sell pages, even give you exclusive bonuses to give away to your list when you promote.

Affiliate marketing can be a tough climb… Yet once you reach super affiliate status the entire business becomes smooth sailing.

Get Super Affiliate status from day 1.
Normally, to be considered a Super Affiliate you need to have generated at least $100,000 in affiliate commissions promoting my products.

However as a member of Clone N Cash, I want to give you the opportunity to get Super Affiliate status and all the perks that come with it from day 1.

I’m going to register you as a Super Affiliate for this very product funnel. You will have the opportunity to promote this product and get th same support my other Super Affiliates get.

Here’s everything you get as a registered Super Affiliate for Clone N Cash:

Immediate auto-approval to promote Clone N Cash…
100% commission rate for Clone N Cash…
100% commission on all high-ticket upsells (over $1,051.85 per sale)…
100% commission on all recurring sales in the funnel ($97-$297 per month in recurring commissions)…

I do all the work, YOU keep all the money
Now as one of my registered Super Affiliates for Clone N Cash, I’m going to do all the work promoting this offer for you.

First, you’re getting full give-away rights to an exclusive bonus that you can give away to anyone that buys Clone N Cash through your affiliate link. None of my affiliates are offering this bonus which means subscribers will buy this through your link before anyone else’s.

Next, you’re getting a pre-built sales funnel that will generate leads for you to promote this offer. Use this to jump-start your business… Building an email list while earning commissions promoting Clone N Cash.

And finally, you’re getting pre-written sales emails to help promote this offer to your list. These are the very same emails that I use to sell Clone N Cash myself, written by my internal copywriter.

Generate high-ticket commissions as a Super Affiliate… Guaranteed.
I want you to become my next Super Affiliate and I want you to earn as many sales as possible with this opportunity.

After all… You’ll be selling this very course so our interests are completely aligned.

I’m giving you a full 60 days as a Super Affiliate to put these sales materials to the test.

If in that time you don’t see the results you want, send me your landing page and screenshots of the promotions you did and I will work with you personally to help make the funnel work.

If you still don’t get the results you want I’ll refund every penny of your investment in this program.

I’ll even let you keep the Super Affiliate status on Clone N Cash and all the perks that came with it so you can try it out at a later time.

You must act now, however. I’m only opening the door to a limited number of customers to sign up.

Once I reach that number, I’ll be closing the doors to new Super Affiliates so the ones that got in early can exclusively enjoy the rewards.

As a Super Affiliate on Clone N Cash you earn 100% commissions on this funnel forever… 5 years from now you’ll still be earning sales commissions and recurring payments from the people who signed up on the membership offer.

If you are serious about building an affiliate business, this offer is a no-brainer.




Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


  • What is this Create N Cash?
    Create N Cash is an on-demand coaching program that uses AI to generate and launch digital courses for profit. .
  • Is this something I have never seen before?
    This Create N Cash method has NEVER been revealed publicly. The AI tools in this program are brand new and hand-picked. This is the first time I’m showing any of this.
  • Is this Create N Cash really newbie-friendly?
    Absolutely! Everything is presented in a step-by-step fashion that uses copy/paste materials. No experience is needed. If you can send an email, you can run this business from home.
  • How exactly does this Create N Cash work?
    You use AI tools to generate digital products and sell them on online marketplaces.
  • Does Create N Cash include a free traffic method?
    YES! Digital course marketplaces provide you with a steady stream of buyer and affiliate traffic.
  • How much can I make with Create N Cash?
    Legally, we can’t guarantee that you make any money with this as most people won’t put it into action. That said, our launches range from $10,000-$100,000 in profits per product.
  • How long until I start making money using Create N Cash?
    Customers have seen their first paycheck in as little as a week. However, how long it takes depends entirely on how fast you are willing to put this into action.
  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
    YES! You have a full 60 days to try this out for yourself. If you are not completely 100% satisfied, for any reason at all, just send me a quick email with the word refund, and I’ll send you back every penny. No hassles, no questions.
  • How do I get instant access to Create N Cash?
    After you click the buy button and complete the checkout, you will be granted immediate access to the member’s area, where you can access everything listed, as well as a few more surprise bonuses I have for you.
  • How do I price my Create N Cash product?
    We cover pricing in module 3 so you’ll know exactly what to charge your customers with a simple formula.
  • How can someone start a digital course business part-time while keeping their full-time job?
    This Create N Cash requires only a few minutes a day with AI tools. You can do this early in the morning while you have your coffee or late at night before bed.


I hope that my Create N Cash OTO can help you to make up your mind more accurately and quickly. If you have any questions leave a comment on the blog post to let me know. Thank you for reading. Good luck to you!


REMEMBER! If you purchase through my link, you will be supported 24/7; That means you can contact me ANYTIME when you get trouble in using or cannot contact the authors/ product supporters. I will help you RIGHT AWAY!




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