Create Content for Generations with Short Attention Span

While parents and teachers worry about the short attention spans of children, Ed-Tech enthusiasts have other plans. They would leverage technology to create content that quickly engages the students and stays with them.

The world blames social media for the reduction in attention spans. The short videos and reels on these channels have brought abundant content to the surface and left it to us to filter and consume it.

News media channels have also reduced their long-form content to news briefs to send as notifications to people.

Since millennials and Gen Z comprise the majority of digital consumers, they have a greater influence on what type of content is effective, viral, engaging, and likable.

Creating engaging content

The pandemic altered learning styles for students. They have grown weary of poor-quality content as it only wastes their time and delivers bland content.

Reading from books is old school; learning from online sources is the new thing. However, if we ask a student to read an entire 2000-word article with only text and learn from it, we are going down the wrong road again.

Students are more likely to respond to shorter and interesting content. For example, students might find a colored book with illustrations better than a simple black and white book.

So how can we ensure that we create content for a generation of students with attention spans?

We think there are ways that one can experiment with content creation and delivery that can engage students better. The following things can be considered:

Create short educational videos:

Websites such as Socratica and The Kids Should See This produce excellent content to pique the interest of a young mind on a variety of topics. Such platforms can inspire educators to create engaging videos for students to learn easily.

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