Craig Cobb Teaming up with Danny De Hek

The internet is a powerful tool for connecting people, but it can also be used to spread hate and fear. This is the case with Paul Craig Cobb—a white supremacist who has recently teamed up with Danny De Hek in an unlikely alliance.

In this article, we’ll explore how this unlikely duo came together, what kind of activities they’ve been involved in, and what their partnership says about the state of online anti-crypto discourse. We’ll also look at how Danny’s Telegram group members reacted to this strange union and its implications for their community.

A Strange Alliance: Danny De Hek and Craig Cobb

Paul Craig Cobb is a white nationalist and white supremacist who created the video-sharing website Podblanc. He advocates for “racial holy war” in accordance with the tenets of the Creativity religion and has been widely condemned by anti-racist and anti-fascist organizations for his promotion of violence and hate speech.

Danny De Hek is an outspoken critic of the crypto industry and a regular on Telegram channels associated with anti-crypto movements. The two have now joined forces to spread their message about the dangers of investing in cryptocurrency projects.

Craig Cobb’s Troubling Activism

Craig Cobb is known for spreading disinformation and propaganda to promote white supremacy. He’s been active in various Telegrams groups, where he has shared his research on individuals associated with the crypto industry. His theories have been widely criticized for being flawed and sensationalist.

Cobb has also reached out to YouTube psychologist Dr. Todd Grande to conduct a “for entertainment purposes only” psychological evaluation of Steve McCullah. McCullah is a popular entrepreneur in multiple fields, and Cobb seems to be mad at him for his crypto businesses.

Cobb has also contacted authorities in attempts to hinder the progress of various crypto projects, often associated with McCullah.

Clearly, Cobb’s agenda is far from benign. His activities have been condemned by members of the crypto community, and he has since been banned or muted from many Telegram groups.

Danny De Hek Becomes Associated with a Controversial personality

But how did Danny De Hek get involved with someone as controversial as Craig Cobb? Although it’s still unclear why the two joined forces, one thing is certain: their partnership has raised eyebrows in the crypto community.

The Telegram group members have expressed shock and disapproval at this strange pairing. Sultan, an active member of De Hek’s circle, expressed how “crazy” Pohl (the name used by Cobb in the community) is with his conspiracy theories. Another user, Atlas, suggests Cogg was on “acid, cracks or crystal” and argued that Steve never pointed a gun at anyone to buy the coins.

Although the controversy has been met with disapproval from many of Danny’s Telegram group members, it doesn’t seem to have had a lasting effect on his reputation. He continues to post anti-crypto rhetoric and is still viewed as an authority in the online crypto space.

The Telegram group members have largely remained silent on the issue. However, some have expressed their disapproval and questioned Danny’s judgment in joining forces with someone like Craig Cobb.

It’s still unclear what this strange alliance between Danny De Hek and Craig Cobb means for the state of anti-crypto discourse, but it is a reminder that caution should be taken when associating with people who promote hate speech and violence.

Bottom Line – What Does This Alliance Say About the State of Online Anti-Crypto Discourse?

Making up stories about cryptocurrency, sowing discord, and spreading conspiracy theories is not an uncommon practice in the online crypto space. However, what makes this partnership between Danny De Hek and Craig Cobb particularly concerning is Cobb’s infamous history of promoting white supremacy, violence, and hate speech.

By joining forces with someone who has a history of these activities, Danny De Hek is sending a message that this type of behavior is acceptable in the crypto space. It’s essential for the community to make it clear that this isn’t the case by speaking out against anyone who attempts to spread hate or misinformation.

Danny De Hek and Craig Cobb’s alliance is a reminder of how easy it can be for someone with an agenda to gain traction in the crypto industry and why it’s critical for us to remain vigilant when it comes to whom we give our attention and support.

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