cPanel Licenses: Upcoming cPanel License Price Updates(Explained )

If you are updated with what’s new is coming in the markets and what are the changes that have happened in the recent week then I’m sure that you might have heard about cPanel. There is news for cPanel licenses holders that cPanel announced standardized pricing change for all of his customers who are holding cPanel licenses. And these changes created a direct impact on all their hosting providers as well.

In the past time, cPanel issued cPanel licenses to their customers but didn’t set any limit on the number of cPanel accounts the customers are allowed to create. This means that if a customer purchased a particular hosting plan including cPanel, they can create a number of cPanel accounts as required by them and that too without changing the overall plan of cPanel license price.

But keeping in mind these things cPanel is marking new updates that will change these types of issues soon. cPanel is now changing their accounts which means that an individual has to chase separately for their cPanel accounts. The billing will be done by customers on a monthly basis according to their individual pricing structure.

Best Hosting For Reseller

With the help of cPanel, an individual gets permission to monitor all the real-time statistics of the website that he/she owns. Serverwala is one of the best that offers cPanel external license in cPanel Metal license and cPanel Cloud License to their customers with a wide range of options with different ranges.

Reseller hosting is nothing but a web hosting that you can buy cPanel licenses for your personal website, WordPress blogs, small-scale businesses, and other enterprises. WIth RH you get enough server power capable of running an individual’s own hosting service.

Reseller hosting allows you to see the hosting to another person or company by which you can start your personal web hosting services. If you are a  Reseller Hosting customer and looking for cPanel accounts then you Serverwala is offering the best solutions for that. 

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is the most popular hosting service that you can opt for your website. VPS uses virtualization technology to offer the customer a dedicated server and resources that can be used by multiple users.

Serverwala proudly provides the best Windows VPS Server to the customers who are in need of a specific need for a VPS server. With a wide range of VPS Server Hosting plans that are tailor-made and customized are offered by Serverwala. You can select your ideal hosting plan according to your needs and requirements for windows 7,8,10. From a monthly plan of $30 to $120 they offer, you can select your ideal plan depending upon your business or website requirements.

Different plans come with different benefits and advantages like RAM, bandwidth, storage, and several other factors. When you upgrade to big plans you get bigger benefits and extra servces for your business or website. The dedicated plan provided by Serverwala for Cheap cPanel Licenses the individual looking for services are as follows:









2 CPU Cores



2 TB Bandwidth

Linux/ Windows

$25/ Mo


4 CPU Cores


100 GB SSD

3 TB



$40 / Mo


6 CPU Cores


250 GB SSD

4 TB


Linux / Windows

$75/ Mo,

Hosting For Dedicated Server

With dedicated hosting, you get the complete package of physical servers for your website or business. If you are having a high-traffic website then with the help of a dedicated hosting server you get the best speed, flexibility, and full customized package deal. Though it comes with a bigger price, it is important to understand that the benefits you get from a dedicated server nullifies the cost factor completely.

VPS hosting gives you advantages like choosing your whole operating system configuration and server applications. It helps you change the configuration of the software and also the hardware as you get the power of the whole server on-site. You can run your business 24/7 without any difficulty and disturbance and you can also run your website independent from the trader’s system without any external efforts.

Serverwala provides the most effective and active VPS for cPanel Licenses that will result in boosting your website up to 3 times. Here is the plan offered by Serverwala:









Intel Xeon E-2146G

32 GB DDR3

3.5 GHz 6 Core

500 GB SSD

20 TB Bandwidth

$ 280/Mo


2x Intel E5 2620 V4

64 GB DDR3

2.1 GHz 16 Core

2 x 500 GB SSD

20 TB Bandwidth

$ 445/Mo


Intel Xeon Silver 4210

64 GB DDR3

2.2 GHz 10 Core

500 GB SSD

20 TB Bandwidth

$ 465/Mo


2x Intel E5 2650 V4

64 GB DDR3

2.2 GHz 24 Core

2 x 500 GB SSD

20 TB Bandwidth

$ 999/Mo

We are Here For You to Resolve Your Problems

Serverwala assures to provide the cPanel pricing transition smooth as butter of their hosting customers. With a wide range of customized packages provided by them, they make sure to turn their customers to happy ones by providing cheap cPanel licenses. They offer full transparency about the services for which you pay every month to remove the hassle and confusion amongst each other.

When you purchase your ideal dedicated server with a complete cPanel license make sure you get through all the norms and services. Get the best and effective hosting.