COVID-19: Top Travel Trends That Will Change the Way We Travel

In just a few months, we’ve experienced an unprecedented change globally. Our lives now look unbelievably different from what they used to be. And it is understandably hard to cope with such changes. Nevertheless, humans keep proving their resilience time and time again. They have developed ways of coping with this novel situation too. Such adaptability is vital because we may never return to a reality where the virus doesn’t exist. Vaccinations and SOPs have helped curb the spread to a large extent, and meanwhile, many countries are adjusting to a new normal.

Despite taking a toll on the mind, we’ve all done our best to get through this challenging time, and for some, it’s time for a well-deserved break. However, before you pack your bags and head out, it’s essential to understand the current travel trends.

The travel industry is one that was impacted heavily by the pandemic and suffered many setbacks. Understandably, travel trends have evolved dramatically as people search for different things on their vacations. Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular travel trends in the current scenario.

Domestic vacations

While we’ve had our fair share of downs in this pandemic, an upside has been that we have a newfound appreciation of how much beauty we have on our doorstep. Most countries still have travel restrictions because vaccination procedures are still in the initial stages. So, most people need to resort to domestic trips to satisfy their wanderlust. Instead of traveling by air, you need to start hitting the roads. Domestic vacations come with various benefits. They help you stay safe on your vacation as you make minimal contact with others. Furthermore, they also help boost the local tourism departments, which have struggled immensely in this pandemic.

Understanding how the hospitality industry functions can help you appreciate local tourism better and contribute to it. You can study event management, tourism management, entertainment management, and more. It can be effortless to earn your travel and tourism degree online, and you can prepare yourself for a future of boosting and appreciating local industries.


In this time of social distancing, watching wildlife or nature in its suitable habitat at a natural distance with experts will become more popular. People want a chance to reconnect with nature and get a break from their everyday lives, which can seem too suffocating. Furthermore, travelers are more comfortable in these wide-open areas. They have a much better chance to observe all social distancing procedures.

If you’re looking for some peace, some time spent in the wilderness can be the perfect antidote to modern urban life. Camping trips are increasingly important, where you get a chance to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty. Rewilding campaigns are also increasingly popular. People take the opportunity to give back to nature and nurture it back to health. Trips to the mountain areas are increasingly popular, as are trips to nature reserves and sanctuaries. Overall, no matter where you go, a journey into nature can help you rebalance your life and emerge stronger.

Vacation extravaganza

After being locked indoors for so long, people understandably want to make sure every vacation they take counts. It’s a well-known fact that it can be hard to enjoy yourself fully and experience the location if you’re on a tight schedule. It is the very reason why vacation planning has gotten much more extravagant now. People want to opt for stay-cations instead of shorter mini-breaks.

People are using much of the time at home to dream up big-budget vacations to help them reenergize after the whirlwind year we’ve had. While lockdown had its fair share of drawbacks, it also helped people make detailed plans and save up for future breaks. Locations such as Iceland may become incredibly popular with their stunning display of Northern Lights. Kenya can also expect to see heavy traffic as people go for big safari expeditions.

Better service

The hospitality industry has had to make some significant changes to adapt to the ongoing pandemic to stay in business. Previously, travelers had different standards which determined where they would stay or which areas they would visit. Now, however, people’s foremost priority remains their health and safety. Hotels and restaurants have thus had to adapt to these demands and change their services. Many hotels now offer contactless stays, and hotel chains adopt advanced methods of cleaning their premises to safeguard all guests.

Many travel agencies and airlines partner with medical facilities and help their guests get COVID-19 tests before their trip. However, people don’t just want the industry to take care of them. Instead, they want corporations to assume greater social responsibility and care for their employees too. The pandemic has helped us realize the impact of our actions on society as a whole. To trust a brand, customers need to see that they’re doing all they can to safeguard the employees and guests.


The changes we see today may very well be long-term and shape the hospitality industry for years to come. Many of the once normal things for tourists now seem increasingly alien. The industry needs to adapt to these changing demands to stay in business. However, if there’s one thing that has remained the same, it’s that nothing can reenergize anyone better than a vacation.