COVID-19: Tips to stop it from spreading

The novel coronavirus has stumped the whole world with over 3.6 million infections and 246,893 deaths. The disease which is officially known as SARS-CoV-2 is contagious and causes respiratory like illness in people who come in contact with the virus. Once they get the virus, they have COVID-19 or coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the year 2020, this virus is threatening the lives of many, and in March more than 200 countries sealed their borders, and put their citizens in lockdown. The number is slowing, but unfortunately, not at the speed, we want to. Also, there is no vaccine as of now, which means prevention is the only thing that can keep us safe.

Here are some easy to follow preventive measures that can help you stay safe.

1.      Refrain from hand-shake, kissing, or hugging people

COVID-19 can transmit from person to person through skin contact. So, it is best to avoid kissing, hugging, or shaking hands with another person as of now. If you see friends or family while buying groceries, practice social distancing by keeping a distance of at least 6 feet between you two.

It is important to not touch people as if a person has symptoms, you can get it easily with the skin to skin contact.

2.      Don’t touch your face

The coronavirus can sustain itself on hard-surface doorknobs, cell phones, laptops, plastic bottles, and so on for up to three days. So, it is best to not touch your face or rub your eyes or scratch your nose immediately after using any of these things.

You may not know if the surface has the virus or not, and it is best to be sure. If you have to touch your face, make sure you clean your hands using soap and water.

Also, disinfect these surfaces after every use, and when you come from outside, make sure you clean the doorknob.

3.      Keep your nails short

For all the girls, who love big nails, this will be a shocker, but you need to trim your nails. Keep them as short as you can, because the virus can get stuck in the cuticles, and when you use it to eat something, it can get into your mouth.

You need to wash under the nails too, to ensure that the virus is no more, which can be difficult. So, it is best to cut them short.

Also, don’t chew your nails, there is a possibility that it can get the virus into your stomach.

4.      Share tips with everyone

As tech-savvy people, we can get our hands-on news sources and preventive tips that are legitimate. But our parents or grand-parents or elderly neighbors might be prone to believe the fake news.

So, you must share the correct tips and news with them. It can prevent them from getting infected.

If you can create a poster or an infographic using Canva about preventive tips for COVID-19, and share it with your family members.

5.      Wash your hands

The most important tip that everyone needs to follow right now is to keep their hands clean. When you are at home, make sure you wash your hand before and after eating for 20 seconds using soap and water.

Also, wash your hands frequently without any reason to ensure you get all the germs out of your hand. Make sure you clean your hands after:

Coming back from grocery shopping

After traveling in a car or a public transport

After visiting a hospital (Use sanitizer in the hospital, after touching anything)

After contacting any surface or delivery person, and so on.

Also, keep an alcohol-based sanitizer on you, and use it frequently especially when you are outside the house.

6.      Practice social distancing

Until there is a cure or vaccine, you need to adhere to the rules of social distancing, even after the lockdown is over. Keep distance from people, as it is the best way to ensure that the transmission rate slows down.

Don’t go out unless it is necessary. Also, wear a mask always while stepping out. You can create one at home, or even use a scarf.

7.      Use a tissue

Don’t cough or sneeze into your hands. Use a tissue or your elbow. Also, make sure you dispose of the tissue immediately after and wash your hands.

8.      Disinfectant everything

From your house to your groceries, to your vegetables, clean everything thoroughly. You can use hot water mixed with salt or baking powder to clean your vegetables. Let them dry a while before storing them in the ridge, and cook your food properly.

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