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CourseReelAI, a cloud-based AI video-course production program, uses CorsAI technology to automatically add slides, text, design, voice-over, sync, and more to a script or voice in minutes!

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Video review for Front End only CourseReelAI 2023

CourseReelAI 2023   – Text From This Video

Hi everyone, Tim’s course reel review. Course reel builds video-lesson courses using AI. Yes, their AI helps you create courses. You can write them. Smart technology makes these classes. For you: The video description has a link. YouTube links to my course reel website, including fee. At 37. These tabs list improvements, front end, and here. A discounted front end and upgrade combo. Your reward? One amazing feature on this website’s right side is a free video review account that automatically makes video reviews from a URL. Video funnels and video pages accounts to store course reel videos. Click a link above. Go to the sales website or special bundle offer page and purchase using this link to support my channel and get these benefits. Course authentic. It’s simple at the dashboard. Right: Create courses, few courses, and integrations. Start classes. Name this course. I want to train dogs.

2023 Local

Next screen. “Dog training” is my keyword. Okay, I want this title, but offer me some ideas. This AI button shows me how to use the toilet. Train my dog to sit, stay, come when called, lie down, and stay. Make a course. Train my dog to come when called. Click, use this title, save, and continue. It will propose these chapters. The AI will now seek for methods to train your dog to come when called. Let’s use this one to teach your dog to come or the importance of incentives. It’s mine. I save three chapters. Here are the course reel’s three chapters. As seen above, I may choose from our three titles. Let’s start with the basics. Three methods update. Record or upload audio. We’ll apply all three immediately. Let’s start. First, update. It’s already creating content for the first title.

OTOs Linka

Hi, when calling your doctor to come to you, mention their name. Copy and paste this text into the writer below to make slides. I’m moving. It’s clear. 11 slides currently. You may manually divide slides by pressing command+enter. It’s going to break here, so each slide has two slides. I can simulate this break with simple mouse zoom codes. It’s why. One here, one there, and one last. We made five slides. Boom, six slides. Renaming the script saves it or creates new content. Also possible. “Convert to video.” It will now create a course maker video.

2023 AIUpsell

Slides are below. A slip. 3–5 slides. It’s searching for background videos. Modify now. Choose the top text and change the background to change this text. You want a blue background or your own color. Color choice. Reduce space. Slide 1. You proceed. Since it’s a kitten, we’ll enlarge it and add a dog. This cat’s background may be photos, videos, colors, or your upload. We’ll prepare the word document for video.

CourseReelAI 2023

Our document search includes royalty-free videos. You may alter this film’s text for our Course Real course video. Change the background and color to make this blue again. Change slides. No sense. Another background change. It’s possible. Another dog. Imagine using this dog as a background. For each slide, you’ll change colors or photographs. Each slide may have media. Search to add photographs. Slides are possible. This is a little paper image. We’ll insert it and add content. Text background changes. Again, blue and move. The top. That’s where the layers are, so “Move this back.” As you can see, it’s moved back, and you may alter the slide. Each slide may have media.

Course DescriptionOTO 2023

These languages allow voiceovers. List of languages. Please review. After typing, the voiceover will appear on this slide. Add music. The end. Add slide transitions. Add such transitions here. Logos are available. Watermark and lengthen slides. Volume regulates music and speech. Change this to 50 or 100 here or in the intro. Submit a video intro. Render and voila. First video rendering.

OTO 2023

The background says you’re done. Second, add video and audio to classes. Choose the second and upload an MP3. MP3 here. Take note. Recorded this audio. Writing this. I’ll open it to upload this audio. Choose my language in this short audio recording. English here. English, us, English, save. Statistics apply. It’s transcribing my speech. I’m transcribed. We utilized AI content creator. We voiced it. Upload your video course and use it to make presentations.

ReelAI 2023 OTO Reviews

I guess. Almost done. Wait for customization. This opens my audio file. It’s written. My course author submitted this audio. The same. Converting the mp3 to video yields this. The same happens when we return to class and dog training. Record audio here. Clicking here records audio. First, I’ll choose chapter three and say “record audio.” I can say, “This is my recording, reel, and this is what’s going to be transcribed, and we’ll stop the video and play it.” Since this is my recording, we’ll clickdone and it’ll do the same. Retry English. Use English, save, and it’ll transcribe this file again and make course content. Chords reel. Why now?

ReelAI 2023

Here’s Facebook integration. Facebook, YouTube, Cybit script, trim, live, seniority, and video reels are compatible. Connect to such services to share videos. Also. After finishing your videos, you may download them in your course area. Attend class. After editing, you may download or share them to social media, the course’s major emphasis. AI-powered course creation is simple. That’s your coursework. This platform lets you create material for your own websites, etc. That’s essentially it. For more information about my website and free goodies, click the link in the description. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my YouTube channel. To be alerted of my many product reviews, press that notification bell. Give my new video a thumbs up. If you enjoy this video, it will boost my YouTube rankings so more people can see my video reviews. Hey. Thank you for viewing, and please leave questions in the comments. I hope to evaluate you again.


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