Course Correction: How to Get Back on Track at School

High school lasts a long time, during which it’s normal to experience ups and downs. Everybody has off days when they can’t quite muster the mental stamina needed to absorb their reading materials or focus on a lesson. And occasionally, those days add up into weeks, months, maybe even an entire school semester.

It’s highly understandable and – thankfully – highly correctable too. If you’ve fallen behind or struggled with a high school course, you can always pick yourself back up with determination and rededication. In this post, let’s help you do that; let’s explore a few tips for getting back on track when you struggle at school.

Make Time Management a Priority

Often, you can attribute missed deadlines and “crammed” study sessions to weak time management. You’d be surprised how far a timer and study schedule will get you!

As you attempt to get back on track at school, consider revisiting your time management plan. Write down all the important dates for the remainder of the semester (including due dates for projects, tests, and exam dates, and projected time you will spend on each unit). If you attend a self-paced online school, develop a timeline for these due dates that is reasonable.

Consider an Upgrade Course

If less-than-great marks are irreversible (i.e., if you’re too far into a course to claw your way back to a good grade), all is not lost. The education system always allows for second chances.

Visit the website of an Ontario online high school to enroll in an “upgrade course.” Upgrade courses allow you to re-take a class, at the end of which the higher mark of your two attempts will appear on your official transcript. Taking the upgrade course online allows you to fit it into your schedule, as online high school courses are flexible and self-paced.

Optimize Your Study Space

A messy, noisy, distraction-filled study space can derail your attempts to course-correct at school. Ask anyone who works at an office, and they will tell you the significant impact that physical surroundings have on one’s productivity and focus.

Step one: select a study space that’s quiet, well-lit and away from intruders (like meddling siblings).Next, get rid of distractions like phones and games; they will be there as a treat when you’re finished for the day. Give yourself everything you need for a productive day of studying, like writing utensils, tools, food and water. Finally, get comfortable!

Reach Out for Help

Believe it or not, your teachers want to see you succeed. It reflects well on them when their students are supported, happy and successful in their course. That said if you don’t understand something, or you need guidance for how to get back on track, ask for help. Some online schools also offer 24/7 tutoring for students. If you’re lucky enough to attend one of these schools, make use of the tutoring services as well.

There’s one overarching piece of advice behind each of these tips: don’t give up. You always have options to improve your marks and get back on track.