Coupon Codes As a Gift – A Good Or Bad Idea?

Coupon Codes have become increasingly popular over the years. The idea of giving a customer a discount for purchasing from your store is an appealing one, to say the least. Before you dismiss this as mere ‘gimcrackery’, please hear me out. In fact, coupon codes are a great way to increase your sales and help increase your customer loyalty. However, before you dive into blindly implementing any type of coupon code, it is important that you consider whether or not the idea of a discount coupon is a good one.

I say that because in many cases the idea of using coupons is to use them as a gift to entice your customer. Some businesses do this regularly – by offering a discount for purchasing certain items. Others however, use coupons in a more subtle manner. Rather than a discount for purchasing a certain item, the coupon may simply provide your customer with information regarding your business.

Let us take a look at an example of this today. Many shoppers enter a coupon code to obtain free shipping on any order they make. The customer then proceeds to enter in the same code again and receives an additional percentage off the total price of the product. This is a great saving for the shopper – but is this an ideal situation?

Now suppose that instead of the business offering free shipping as a gift, the coupon includes the name and address of the customer. This is seen as somewhat unethical – right? After all, the customer will have received these coupons in an unsolicited manner. The same is true for other coupon codes which have your customer provide their contact information. These are just a couple examples of the ethical issues involved when utilizing coupons.

The key issue here is that the coupon codes have already been sent to the customer by means of email. The problem here is that the customer is then obligated to purchase from that particular source. It could be your company, or someone else. The end result is that you have just effectively charged your customer without their knowledge. That is considered a bad idea in many ways.

A better way to use Namshi code is to have them work for you and give your customers a great saving. If the savings cannot be obtained directly from the coupon, contact the merchant for them. Sometimes they will have more than one coupon available for the same price. This way your customer can receive multiple savings on the same item – providing them with a great incentive!

The other issue is the legality of using coupon codes. Although it is legal in most countries, some locations have laws against individuals having knowledge of them. This can often restrict you to a certain number of vouchers per month or to specific items. If this is the case, avoid using coupon codes at all costs!

Overall, it is up to you whether you choose to use coupon codes as a gift. Do so with care to make sure you are following all applicable laws. Do not use them to save a few dollars on the merchandise you are buying. If you can get an additional discount through other means, do so. Otherwise, it may be best just to pass on the idea.

That being said, if you are planning on giving a coupon code as a gift, then you must remember to explain to your customer the purpose behind it. Explain that they will receive a discount on the item. Just make sure they know it is the code of a legitimate promotion. Most people will be understanding if you tell them upfront what the promo is all about. This will ensure the customer does not spend more than they had intended when using the code. It also makes them feel good knowing they got a good deal on something they wanted.

So, are coupon codes a good idea or a bad one? They can be a good thing if used with care and in a manner that promotes the company you are shopping for. They can also be a bad thing, if you are not careful and spend too much. Either way, make sure you are giving the customer the gift they deserve.

It really does not matter which way you look at it. If you want to give a customer a discount on an item they want, then by all means include it with your coupon. However, if you are looking to get a customer to buy something you do not have a lot of content in your site and they cannot find the content they are looking for, then don’t use a coupon. It just does not make sense in most cases.