Countries That Are Taking Steps Towards Medical Cannabis Legalization

Which countries are taking steps towards medical cannabis legalization that would potentially be finalized in 2021 or shortly after? This question is being asked by patients everywhere on the planet who would see a massive advantage in their condition of life if they might avail of medical cannabis treatment. That explains why there has also been a lot of people checking out Homegrown Cannabis Co. to purchase some marijuana seeds that leads to more cannabis supply in the market.

Medical cannabis is now proven definitely to be an effective treatment for an entire host of painful and debilitating conditions. Patients are becoming a whole new lease on life because of medical cannabis treatment, which is extremely useful in pain management and symptom reduction.

Medical cannabis can improve the symptoms of an excessive number of health conditions, like 

  • epilepsy
  • headache
  • chronic pain
  • insomnia
  • glaucoma
  • epilepsy
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Crohn’s disease
  • arthritis
  • seizures
  • nausea
  • MS.

Worldwide Medical Cannabis Legalization 

Medical cannabis has been legalized in most US states. The minority of States during which medical cannabis remains illegal to seem bound to imitate over the subsequent few years. A load of evidence demonstrating the big selection of advantages of medical cannabis treatment is just too compelling to ignore.

A lot of other countries around the globe have by now also legalized medical weed. Several countries have sensible, liberal medical cannabis programs that their citizens can avail of. However, many nations have legal, medical cannabis almost in name only, with limiting and restrictive laws that make medical cannabis available to only a minority of individuals with particular medical conditions.

All of the countries that appear as if they will make more progress towards legalizing medical weed in 2021 fall under the category of getting some amount of current medical cannabis legality. However, according to, that legality tends to involve such restrictive programs that nearly none of their citizens qualify, and for those that do, the merchandise range available is minimal.

Future Medical Cannabis Laws 

Medical cannabis legalization is not usually a sudden, one-fell-swoop sort of situation, mostly when the choice is being made at a national level. Nations are large entities that contain a good range of conflicting pressure groups within their borders.

In the US, for instance, medical weed remains not legal at a federal level. However, most of the States in the US have now legalized medical weed. Nations, as an entire, tend to maneuver more slowly than individual states. 

Countries That May Legalize Medical Cannabis


Sativex, which may be a mouth spray containing chemical extracts from the cannabis plant, is currently available as a treatment in France. However, a full medical weed program is yet to be legalized and implemented within the country.

Influential personality in French public health policy and has stated her support for a medical cannabis program on several occasions. Also, the French National Agency for the security of Medicines and Health Products has concluded that it might be appropriate to authorize the utilization of medical cannabis in certain clinical conditions. Given this high-profile support, it appears like it is only a matter of time before France fully legalizes medical weed.


The Irish Medical Cannabis Access Programme is running on a pilot basis for the subsequent years. Just a medical cannabis consultant can prescribe a weed-based treatment. The sole patients qualified for treatment with medical cannabis in Ireland are those with; 

  • Severe, treatment-resistant epilepsy
  • Intractable nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy 
  • Spasticity related to MS who have not skilled standard treatments.

Ireland’s legal, medical cannabis program is preliminary and inadequate. However, it is spring and appears likely to expand once the primary pilot stage is complete.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom technically legalized treatment with medicines derived from weed in 2018. However, the country’s medical cannabis program has been derided for being medical cannabis-legal in name only. Only three medical cannabis-derived medications are available to patients:

  • Sativex (only for MS patients)
  • Nabilone (only for treating chemotherapy side-effects)
  • Epidiolex (for patients with epilepsy)

These prescriptions are only prescribed if all other medication possibilities have failed.

Alex Fraser, patient access specialist at Grow Biotech, echoes the disillusionment felt by many UK citizens when he says, “We have seen an enormous reluctance from doctors and pharmacies to risk their licenses by facilitating access. The overwhelming majority of individuals are still being forced to believe the black market to source their medication.” Given the general public outcry and robust demand for medical cannabis treatment within the UK, it is only a matter of your time before the country widens and improves its medical cannabis laws.

Countries Where Recreational Weed Is Legal

Cannabis laws are somewhat unclear and indecisive in many countries. Some countries have fully legalized recreational weed. However, relatively few countries do not have a selected legal weed law, but have made weed usage effectively legal, with public weed consumption and never punished. Moreover, the citizens were able to buy seeds at and grow them at home.

The following may be a list of nations during which recreational weed is legal, or effectively legal:

  • Argentina: Recreational weed use is decriminalized and widely accepted.
  • Australia: Recreational weed was legalized within the Canberra Territory, which incorporates the capital city Canberra, in 2019.
  • Belgium: Recreational weed use is decriminalized and widely accepted.
  • Cambodia: Technically illegal, but culturally accepted. Cambodia is filled with restaurants offering “happy meals” that are infused with weed.
  • Canada: Fully legal recreational weed.
  • Colombia: Recreational weed use is decriminalized and widely accepted.
  • Czech Republic: Recreational weed use is decriminalized and widely accepted.
  • Ecuador: Recreational weed use is decriminalized and widely accepted.
  • Mexico: Recreational weed use is decriminalized and widely accepted.
  • Netherlands: Recreational weed use is decriminalized and widely accepted, and products are available to shop for within the country’s famous coffee shops.
  • Portugal: Recreational weed use is decriminalized and widely accepted.
  • Spain: Recreational weed use is decriminalized and generally accepted.
  • The United States of America: Several states have fully legalized recreational weed.
  • Uruguay: Fully legal recreational weed.