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Have you ever wondered which games to keep and which to get rid of? Learn more here. Thanks for joining me today as we talk about “Streets of Steel.” I’ll be talking about my favorite characters and why I like them. In the game, there’s not much difference between the characters, but I’ll tell you what I like and don’t like about each one. So now we’ll talk about the whole game. There are going to be nine of them. There will be a list of the top nine things we have, and dumb ape will be number nine on that list. I like this person a lot. This ape, who is a tank in this game, is meant to take damage and do the most damage at level seven. He doesn’t make any real fists. All of it is danger dice, which is like going for the big moment. I like that; he’s still the same geek. If you will, he is the big muscle, which I like. I’m surprised I’m putting him last, but shouldn’t he not be able to use the items? I think that’s what keeps him from moving forward now that his hit isn’t very good. If you like that kind of character, you can do a lot of damage and take a lot of damage with just one punch and two to each body on the street tile. Dumb ape is for you, and number eight is berserker Joe. This is kind of like the game’s main character, since Joe is the star, and you get a berserker-style ham. He does a lot of damage at age five. He can roll the hits and the danger dice, which is pretty cool. He moves slowly at two, but he can. Everyone in his rows is fair game. That’s not going to work.

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He can clear the way through the base so that everyone can go straight through, which is very important. In this game, you want to keep moving forward because the last tile will keep falling off, so it can be fun to get that standard attack gain every time he gets hurt. He gets more dice, which could help him in a lot of ways. I like to play with him a lot. Joe is just that crazy guy, but he’s our main character, and the fact that he’s crazy makes him very funny. Number seven is Average Joe, which is funny because he’s the raunchy character of the game, the main star, and the one who says “Health is going to be a problem.” Do two punches or two kicks, whichever you prefer, and he will deal a lot of damage and attack. She will be able to do what he can do to everyone on his street. pretty easily, and that’s going to be a really fun character to have; he’s kind of the star of the show, the main guy. So your mindless may be different with him, but I could see him being picked a lot. Ludo is number six. He is now the Bruce Lee character, or a ninja. Ninjas were popular in the 1980s, and there’s a big one. You can see how many games like this there are by looking at Kickboxer American Ninja. a little bit of damage, but he’s going to be great on his feet. Ludo will want to use his feet a lot, and then he can beat everyone in his column. So he will be able to hit people both up and down. So, if you’re clearing the way for other players, it’s going to be really important as he goes through, because he can’t leave a street tile with the one baddie on it, so it’s going to be really hard for him. He has to sort things out before he can move on, so he will always be held back as he goes. That’s why I held him back a little bit.

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The square peg is number five. I assume this is your nerdy character. It could be funnier than that, but with only four health points, it’s not very strong. It punches a little and kicks once. But she can also attack everyone in a street tile for just one of the costs, which is very cheap. When she draws items, you used to draw two and pick one, which is very helpful for getting the item you want. So, her powers are really weak here, even though she’s not the most powerful character. She’s more of a support character, if you will. But I like the nerdy, um, square peg. I think it’s a really cool character to include, and it’s a woman, so there you go. Candy Connor, you’re up as number four. This is your typical roller skating person from the 1980s Streets of Rage. There was a little boy in it, and she’s going to be really good at punching people. She ends the fight with three blows and a “uh.” She can do a four-punch to one by batting her space, but she rules any blank she has right away, so it doesn’t work, and she’s great against bosses. If you use that power and miss, I think you can reroll those misses, since you can’t afford to miss too many times against the bad guy, who has roller skates and can move other people. So, she can move for two of those. Others go full, which lets them skip enemy hits, which can be very useful if you’re slow and dumb like an ape. She can get around a little bit faster and help a lot. It’s a good support. She has a good personality and is very good against the boss. The television cannibal kit is kind of cool because he is the only one who can attack adjacent spaces. So, if your guy is in trouble and you’re going to be left behind or something, he can really help you out. He can clear some space for you, which can be really good.

For each symbol he is able to collect, he also adds a danger die. So he wants to sort of gather them up instead of spinning them, which will make his attacks stronger. That makes him a very powerful character against the boss at the end, and I like having him there. If we’re trying to move forward, Kiki is a lot of fun because she’s like the ninja who can do acrobatics. I know that we already have a karate guy, but she is very important. She can circle to do some damage, and she is very good at kicking, which is a very strong move.

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She can also damage a bad guy with a kick and do it successfully. She can move whenever she wants, so she’s always going forward. With her, you don’t have to worry as much about being left behind, which could be a good thing. She may not be as strong against the boss as some of the others, but she can go around and beat up some of the bad guys while the others focus on the boss, and you need people like that too. She moves around the board for free all the time, which is nice, especially when you’re stuck on the last three tiles of the boss and you need to move around Kiki. This is easy to forget, but she’s my number two; Mayor Van Damme is my number one. My favorite final fight was always against Haggar. This guy is a tank. He has four punches and six health, and I think the dumb eight would be higher for me if he wasn’t in the game. But I have Haggler as my tank, which I like a lot, and he can give those wilds to other people, so a telekinetic kid who can get stronger as they have them teaming up with Hagar is really cool, because Hagar will get stronger and help other people, and then he has his four, which is really powerful, and man, you are just. You are just pounding. The boss is no match for the enemy. Now, he moves pretty slowly, which will be his downfall. So you need to protect him a little bit with some of the other characters, but if you team him up with Candy, who can move around and move other people around, she can help Um van Damage move around a lot, so they can kind of work together. This is something I often notice. A lot of the characters are better when they’re with other characters, so that’s my character sheet of the ones I like. There are only nine characters in the game, so you can see which ones I like best and why in your list. They’re not all that different from each other, but what are some good combinations? I try to point out some of the combinations I found and the ones you found and liked in the comments. It was a lot of fun, and I try to explain which characters work well together against which boss. We had a lot of fun with this game as we made this list. If you like this video, please like and subscribe; it really helps. If not, check out the other videos. I have more about Streets of Steel and other Kickstarters and games that are already out that you might like. Thanks for watching, and I hope you have a great day.

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