Could Wellness Initiatives Improve Employee Health and Productivity?

It’s no secret that better health leads to more energy, Prevent Diabetes and improved productivity. As employees become more mentally and physically healthy, their energy and motivation climb. As that happens, they’ll be more likely to have a positive view of their work and greater capacity to focus on their tasks.

Want to see your employees arrive at the office ready to take on the day? Incorporate these wellness initiatives into your office’s weekly or monthly rhythm.

Adopt a People-Centered Approach

Boost morale and encourage workplace wellness by focusing on human resources. When the pressure is mounting, does your company take a task-first approach? Or do they consider the stress and pressure that each employee may be experiencing?

Taking a people-centered approach to work means putting the needs of each employee above the projects that need to be completed. It’s about striking a balance between getting the work done and supporting your employees.

Start With Why

Another way to encourage your teams to take part in workplace wellness programs is by starting with ‘why.’ Why should they take care of their mental and physical health? Why take part in lunchtime yoga classes or make use of that gym membership discount?

Place posters around the office with statistics on how exercise improves alertness. Include tips about healthy living at your next office-wide update meeting. Hire a speaker to give talks on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, encourage your employees to think about ways they’d like to improve their health. Then offer programming that meets those goals.

Offer Incentives

A great way to help your employees take part in wellness initiatives is by offering incentives. Host a challenge to see who takes part in the most meditation classes or brings a healthy lunch most consistently. Then offer prizes (healthy ones of course)!

Other ways to incentivize your employees could be through discounts. See about partnering with local health food restaurants, smoothie bars, or exercise facilities. You may be able to offer your employees a discount.

Encourage Effort

Finally, encourage any effort your employees put into your corporate wellness programs. Avoid larger issues like low employee morale, low productivity, or having to hold drug testing in the workplace. How? By making sure your coworkers are well taken care of.

So when they take part in your initiatives, celebrate that! A short hand-written note or stopping by their desk to give an encouraging word can go a long way.

Support and encouragement can also improve a person’s mental health. It helps them feel seen, cared about, and more motivated to continue the good work they’re doing.

Wellness Initiatives Pay Off

Employee health should be a top priority for every company. When employees have the opportunity to take good care of themselves, productivity climbs. Wellness initiatives can help them become healthier people and more efficient employees.

The next time you’re strategizing about how to improve your company culture and productivity, consider implementing a wellness program. For more insight into business strategies and initiatives, check out more from our blog.