Could Ford (F) Stock Get to New Highs Despite Huge Loans?

During one month the shares of the company changed significantly. From 24 May it decreased to 25 May by about 3.90 percent. However, from 25 May significantly growth to $14,88 changed about 11,16 percent. Then slowly decline about $14,53. After that the shares climbed high day by day. The pic of shares was $15,99, however the shares slightly declined. And at the end of the month the shares were about $19,91. Today in premarket the stock thrives to reach $15 again. What could a stock news reporter say if F stock gets to $30 in a month due to offering new SUVs like Bronco and F-150?

Barclay analyst Brian Johnson is the last to weigh an optimistic look. On Tuesday, he increased his General Motors stock price target (ticker: GM) to $70 from $74 and increased his draft on Ford Motor (F) to $17 from $15. GM traded a little higher by $59.33. The U.S. is closer to noon, while Ford rose 0.8% to $14.89. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones industrial index, by comparison, rose 0.4% and 0.2%, respectively. 

Car prices until mid-June were better than he expected. “Indeed, data for half a month show an increase in average transaction prices and a decrease in stimulus costs,” or discounts, the analyst wrote. Higher prices for new cars are good for any automaker, but not just because manufacturers can sell their cars for more. The rise in prices for new cars means that used cars are more expensive. The share price news reporters could really amaze us by covering the truth about the financial standing of the company. The financial units of both companies benefit if the residual value of cars coming out of rent is higher. GM’s average target share price rose from about $52 to $72. About 90% of analysts covering GM shares rate their Buy, compared to about half of those who track Ford. The average buying and rating ratio of shares in S&P is about 55%.