Costs of dog hair cutting courses in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

Currently, dog and cat hair pruning teaching centers in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong are increasingly being developed and expanded. In harmony with the direction of the pet service industry in Vietnam, Groomers have more and more opportunities to develop themselves. The groomer here are the dog’s hair-trimmers. Includes shaving bath, pet trimming spa. Especially pet dogs, pet cats are extremely popular with young people today.

Learning to trim dog hair is a popular profession

The pet care industry is growing day by day. The demand for human pet products and services is on the rise. With a boundless love for dogs and cats, owners always want to give their pets the best. In this industry, the dog and cat hair trimming service must be mentioned.

Hair trimming profession, also known as Groomer, also followed suit. A series of training courses, dog and cat grooming schools were opened. However, at present, the number of Groomers still does not meet all market needs. Capturing the development trend and essential needs of people, many teaching centers for dog grooming in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong and other major cities have been opened. Here, you have the opportunity to learn and experience all the content of the pet industry.

Especially, after the training courses you will definitely have a job in hand and can make a lot of money. This job is very “hot” and has no signs of cooling down. Many young people have succeeded and built their own careers after taking these courses.

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Dog hair trimming course detailed content

Currently, most of you have to learn to trim through youtube channels, images on the internet. However, the lessons are mainly copyrighted by foreign countries. You will quickly get discouraged and give up because you do not understand anything. In some small centers that have just opened, the cost of learning how to trim dog hair is too high, not suitable for the market economy.

At Pet Mart, students are given all the tools needed for the learning process. Pet Mart does not apply to conventional simple theory teaching. Students are trained through practice. With Pet Mart’s dog grooming vocational training program, you will not encounter any barriers. Real people, real things, always practice and get results in the first day. You will accumulate a wealth of experience that no place can bring.

  1. Test and consolidate the basic skills (Basic knowledge of cats and dogs, characteristics of specific habits of each type from which to guide appropriate care methods)
  2. Learn how to professionally dry and bathe your pet (care skills such as bathing, cleaning the ears, clipping nails)
  3. How to handle different breeds of dogs.
  4. How to handle different coat materials (proper brushing)
  5. Practice trimming and styling the most popular styles today.
  6. Learn to think, create the latest cat and dog hair trimming patterns.
  7. Learn to dye hair, blend color to create fashion styles.
  8. Instructions on how to style and take photos of products after trimming.
  9. Teaches to properly “take care of” tools and equipment.
  10. Discuss, guide and correct common grooming mistakes.
  11. Be in contact with and work with professional groomers.
  12. Consultation on opening self-business stores and personal branding if needed.

Why should we learn to trim dog hair?

Participants will have the opportunity to use and use professional and modern grooming products and tools. During your study, you will be guided to participate in dog hair trimming competitions. Whether domestically or internationally, this can help future groomers assert their skills. After completing the course and graduation exam will be assessed and certified internationally.

Currently, dog hair trimming profession is a profession that brings a stable source of income for many young people. With skillful and professional hands you will have the opportunity to achieve a starting income of 10 – 15 million VND / month. Such a good-paying and non-degree job certainly exists at Pet Mart.

With a wide network of branches, this is one of the cradles of professional “Groomer” training. Many customers choose to use Pet Mart for their pet care, giving students the opportunity to experience their cosmetic skills on a variety of pets. Over many years of development, Pet Mart has trained hundreds of students and employees with many outstanding achievements. Providing beauty care services for more than 50,000 pet pets from 2012 to present.

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