Costco, the Ninth Largest Retailer in the World, Announces Strategic Investment in Vietnam’s Futurelink and its E-commerce Platform Trendbox

In the context of globalization, numerous convenient, efficient, and cost-effective service platforms have emerged, offering consumers a variety of choices and raising their expectations for online shopping. According to the latest forecast by eMarketer, global e-commerce sales will surpass $6 trillion in 2024, with cross-border e-commerce continuing to grow rapidly.

Recently, Costco, the ninth largest retailer in the world and an exemplary U.S. e-commerce membership-based enterprise, officially announced a deep strategic partnership with Vietnam’s Futurelink Technology Co., Ltd. through its subsidiary, Costco E-commerce Technology Inc. Costco is making a strategic investment of $10 million in Vietnam’s emerging e-commerce market. The investment will be carried out in three phases: $1 million in the first phase, $3 million in the second phase, and $6 million in the third phase.

Costco is the third largest retailer in the U.S. and the ninth largest in the world. Known globally as a membership warehouse retailer, Costco offers wholesale sales and online shopping services, combining manufacturer direct sales, high-quality product offerings, and a blend of physical stores and service platforms. In 2024, Costco is strategically expanding into emerging global e-commerce markets, bypassing the dominance of Amazon and Walmart. By investing in innovative e-commerce platforms with high commercial value, focusing on localized development, new technology applications, and building a multi-category e-commerce matrix, Costco aims to lead the global e-commerce industry, showcasing the charm and comprehensive strength of a veteran e-commerce enterprise.

Vietnam’s Futurelink Technology Co., Ltd. (Futurelink) is a company specializing in the e-commerce field, focusing on technological innovation and e-commerce development. Leveraging advanced mobile development technologies, blockchain applications, big data analytics, intelligent algorithms, and data security guarantees, Futurelink has garnered significant industry attention. Founded in 2024, the company aims to become Vietnam’s leading technology innovation enterprise, promoting the development of the e-commerce industry and serving the general public.

Futurelink boasts extensive industry experience and an excellent technological innovation team, dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to customers. Currently, the company’s focus is on developing and managing the Trendbox blind box shopping platform. Trendbox covers a wide range of products, including trendy toys, fashion, digital products, and beauty items, meeting the diverse needs of users. It is an online shopping platform that combines entertainment, fun, interactivity, and profitability.

Trendbox is a creative initiative in Vietnam’s e-commerce market, designed to create a new shopping surprise experience through its “blind box” system. The platform aims to achieve over 20,000 daily active users and 2 million cumulative downloads within a year, with plans to expand into Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, and North Africa over the next three years to capture emerging international markets.

In the digital age, cross-border e-commerce is not just a business model but also a link connecting global markets. The global e-commerce industry is expected to undergo more transformations in 2024, with companies needing to adapt to market trends, enhance comprehensive capabilities, and operate in compliance with regulations for steady development.

Combining the opportunities of global market diversification, the trend of digital transformation, and the importance of brand strategy, Costco’s $10 million strategic investment in Vietnam’s Futurelink aims to inject growth momentum into the future of e-commerce through technology and capital. This investment will help Futurelink achieve greater success in the global e-commerce market and continuously promote the vigorous development and innovation of the e-commerce sector.