Cost of living in Atlanta vs Los Angeles – Which City is Affordable?

Moving into a new city can be a tough decision to make. But choosing which city to move into can be even tougher. Both Atlanta and Los Angeles offer their residents ample opportunities to start their life anew. But affordability can play a major role in making that decision. 

There are a lot of factors that determine whether or not a city can be deemed affordable or not. Here we will breakdown these factors when it comes to Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Housing Cost

The housing costs seem to always come first. Atlanta is not nearly as densely populated as Los Angeles. The housing expenses in LA is very high compared to the overall cost of living in Atlanta. You can easily get more space for the same amount of cost in Atlanta. 

The housing spaces you find in Los Angeles tend to be very compact, and the expenses are only getting higher every year. So it’s up to you if you want to live comfortably in Atlanta or a more condensed space in Los Angeles spending the same amount of money.


Los Angeles offers more variety when it comes to cuisine. Being home to folks of varying ethnicities, it certainly did affect the cuisine. Atlanta, on the other hand, does not offer such variety. But Atlanta is preferable considering the expenses. Even everyday grocery items cost a bit more in LA. This small difference can add up to $100 by the end of the month. You will also be spending more at restaurants in LA.

Public Transit & Transportation

Public transit fees in LA is comparatively lower than in Atlanta. Then again, public transit isn’t altogether there in LA. You can pretty much get anywhere in Atlanta using public transit. But in Los Angeles, you are going to need a vehicle of your own. And owning a vehicle brings in expenses of its own. It’s unlikely for you to face similar issues in Atlanta. The gasoline price is also lower in Atlanta.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the traffic is a lot worse in LA. So you should keep that in mind as well. The economy in LA is very dependent on cars. So you will notice more opportunities for welding jobs and the likes here.


Necessities like gas, air conditioning, electricity, etc. are something worth looking into as well. The overall utility expense in Atlanta is higher than in Los Angeles. It includes garbage disposal as well. You can expect the phone bills and Internet expenses to be higher in Atlanta as well.


Considering all of these things, it’s safe to assume that Atlanta is comparatively more affordable of a city than LA. Although people of different walks of life reside in both these cities, Atlanta has always been less exposed to different cultures. As a result, this city is not nearly as diverse as Los Angeles. 

LA offers its residents luxury as long as they can pay for it. On the contrary, Atlanta is a lot more favorable when it comes to affordability. 

Bhargav Patel

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