Cosmetic Laser Treatment – Skin Therapy That Works

Do you have embarrassing scars from the acne that plagued you as a teen? Do you still have your ex-husband’s name tattooed on your arm or lower back? Read this article to learn about the type of cosmetic laser treatment that would work for you.


Recently introduced as a treatment for scar removal, laser treatments remove scars from acne, burns, and plastic surgery scars. This procedure has been very effective. It does involve more risk than non-surgical treatments, and the costs are much higher.


Brisbane injectables Laser treatments are also an effective method of treating acne. People with severe cases of acne benefit most from this procedure. It is frequently recommended if topical creams or chemical peels have not worked. Acne treatments are painless and do not require any recovery time before you can return to work or school. They usually take from 15 to 60 minutes. Only licensed professionals with special training should administer these treatments.


Laser therapy involves a two-step process. In the first step, the laser is used to kill the skin bacteria that cause acne. This stops the current infection. Next, the laser is used to shrink the skin’s oil-producing, or sebaceous, glands. This step prevents recurring eruptions.


Professionals use laser treatments to remove acne scars in the same way that they use them for scar removal and wrinkle treatments. Two different types of lasers can be used for these cosmetic treatments. The Erbium laser is less effective, but there is less risk of complications. The CO2 laser is more effective, but can be dangerous if used by someone who is inexperienced. Furthermore, the recovery time is often longer.


Lasers are effective in removing tattoos as well. Their quick pulsations destroy the tattoo’s colors without destroying the underlying skin. The Q-switched laser is most effective and does not cause scarring. Three different types of laser light (Yag, Ruby, and Alexandrite) are used.


These same types of lasers have been used for the successful removal of unwanted hair from the legs, chin, back, or other areas. A newer type of laser, the Neodymium, appears to be the most beneficial to date. Remember, however, that the treatment is only effective for six weeks to six months, and is not useful for persons with white, blond, or grey hair.


If you are interested in these types of cosmetic laser treatment, educate yourself. Finally, locate an experienced professional; laser treatments can cause scars if not properly used. Protect your skin – and your body!