Cosmetic Dentistry Increases Along With the Expectations of the People

Over the past 15 years, socio-economic changes, increased aesthetic needs of patients and, finally, controversies regarding the potential toxicity of amalgam, have contributed to the introduction of new materials and the development of new techniques for aesthetic restorations that complement and progressively replace traditional restorative materials. From the services of Cosmetic Dentistry Nassau County you can expect the best results.

The Importance of Aesthetics in Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetics has also assumed a primary role in the dental field, and it is for this reason that materials such as gold, gold alloys and silver amalgams, while optimally satisfying the physical-mechanical requirements of a restorative material, are have been replaced by materials defined as “aesthetic” such as composite resins. The adhesive capabilities of the composites and the wide range of colors available allow an aesthetic and long-lasting reconstruction.

New Options with New Technologies

The greater resistance, even in thinner thicknesses, of the new ceramics allows them to be much more conservative and to use them as adhesive veneers even in large reconstructions of the incisors. Today the patient demands from his dentist not only a functionally perfect result of the treatment, but also and increasingly an improvement in his own appearance. White, shiny and regular teeth are attractive and recognized as a sign of vitality and health of the body. In addition, a captivating smile has a decisive influence on self-confidence. All are thanks to the services of Cosmetic Dentistry Nassau County.

Those with beautiful teeth smile more often and more willingly than those who know they have unwatchable teeth and prefer to hide them. When a tooth is seriously compromised (from caries or trauma) to the point that a reconstruction by filling, inlay or veneer is no longer possible, it is necessary to resort to prosthetic reconstruction using a ceramic crown. The new integral ceramics are: zirconia-ceramic, alumina ceramic and lithium disilicate. They are distinguished by their excellent aesthetics, since light is not only reflected, but, as in natural teeth, there is true transparency (light passes through the tooth). This effect makes the all-ceramic crown especially suitable for anterior teeth, allowing for small corrections of shape and position. You can ask the experts of the Cosmetic Dentistry Nassau County services for the same.

Other Advantages

An additional advantage is that the edges of the ceramic crowns do not necessarily have to be placed in the subgingival area. This avoids irritation and retraction of the gingiva caused by the edge of the crown. Ceramic is an extremely biocompatible material, which has no allergenic potential. For allergic patients this can be a real advantage.

  • Even the abutments on implants, which were previously made of metal, can be built in zirconia and therefore, especially in the anterior areas with all-ceramic crowns, the aesthetic effect is perfect.
  • Restoring the smile of patients is one of the main objectives of restorative dentistry.

Last but Not the Least: Color

Color is certainly one of the fundamental aspects at the base of the smile and for this reason its definition becomes an essential practice in aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry. Compatibly with the importance of the human eye, this always remains the most effective “tool” for noticing differences or nuances, in aesthetic dentistry the choice of color starts from the color of the dental elements already present.

Summary: Cosmetic dentistry has now reached a new height thanks to the rising requirements. For white shiny teeth the people are ready for any kind of modification and to give hope to their expectations, new treatment options are coming up. These treatments restores the smile of the individuals and make them perfect at every level now.