Top 4 Cosmetic Boxes Packaging Trends You Shouldn’t Miss in 2020

Are you thinking about starting your own cosmetics business? If you are, you must be searching for packaging designs and ideas to get you on the top. You’ve come to the right stop! There’s no better place to begin your hunt than looking at some of the latest packaging trends here. Once you have an idea of what’s trending for cosmetic boxes, you can create the ideal packaging that caters to what your customers need.

It’s true, the first thing customers often notice about any product is the appearance of the package. Remember, you want to go with designs and ideas that have both classy and modern trends. The cosmetic packaging boxes have to appear appealing, and timeless.

Here are some of the top cosmetic packaging trends you shouldn’t miss!

Intricate Fine-Line Drawings

This year, you shouldn’t miss out on this amazing trend. You should go with intricate fine line drawings, which add more detail to custom cosmetic boxes. They appear beautiful, timeless, and a popular option. To be precise, hand-made drawings and floral patterns steal the limelight. They can be on the box overall, or simply on specific areas on the packaging boxes. If you want something more feminine, yet captivating, go with clear geometric drawings. If your brand has an eye for detail, this is the perfect trend to implement! For a subtle, yet beautiful way to highlight your brand and product, you can choose this to showcase your cosmetic products.

Bold Fonts for Cosmetic Boxes

It’s common to see bold fonts on various products these days. In 2020, get ready to see the bold font trend rising across cosmetic products. On custom cosmetic packaging, you can ask a packaging company, like IMH Packaging to give the boxes a new character. To highlight your brand, you can also go with bold handwritten fonts. This is something to set you apart from competitors. Whether it’s a retro vibe, quirky flair, or a bold statement, bold fonts are unique and sure to grab consumer attention.

Captivating Patterns for Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Wild color combinations, bold patterns, and loud stripes are top trends that will ensure your cosmetic boxes jump right off the shelves. Eye-catching patterns, placed well will make the packaging stand out, and give your brand a captivating look. This should help to set you apart from others. You can go with irregular patterns, which should give your packaging the needed edge. Bold, captivating patterns go with every brand, just make sure you choose the right shapes and color scheme.

Earthy Colors and Lush Floral Designs

A vintage and stylish trend that unfailingly grabs attention, you can’t miss out on this one! Custom cosmetic packaging boxes in warm floral designs and natural color tones look enticing. This is a feminine trend and perfect for your cosmetic products. It reeks of comfort and exudes a sexy vibe. It’s simple when combined well, and results in a classic style that gives the packaging boxes a luxurious touch.

For custom cosmetic boxes, rest assured that anything goes well. You can take the bold step and try out different things. Consider playing with designs, colors, and choose trends that express your brand. Go for unique designs, inspirational patterns, and more. For more insight into the right trend for your next bulk order, feel free to consult experienced packaging and printing experts. They should be able to guide you and offer the best prices and solutions.

There are numerous other trends you should try out today, so explore your options with the packaging company you choose, and make the right choice!