Corvus Corax – Characteristics of Raven Bird

What are the smartest animals you could name? Dolphins? Chimpanzees? Nature sometimes surprises. Because bird expert websites says that raves are counted as one of the most intelligent animals on Earth, not only for their ability to use tools, but also to build them!

Ravens are medium to large birds with black plumage, sometimes combined with white or gray in parts such as the chest, belly and head. Such crows display lustrous-looking feathers, which can turn a bluish tinge in sunlight. The tail is slightly long and wedge-shaped, while the bill is thick, short, and slightly curved downward. Most have a small patch of ruffled feathers that extend to the nostrils. The size of crows varies depending on their species. The common raven measures between 54 and 67 centimeters in length, weighs 0.69 to 2 kilos, and has a wingspan of 115 to 130 centimeters.

The Raven is the largest representative of the corvids family. This family is one of the representatives of the numerous orders of Passeriformes. The voice of the raven is loud and sharp with a characteristic vibration. In addition to the well-known scream and siege, the bird can make distinct, highly complex sounds and even imitate other sounds. The origin of the name raven comes from the word raven which means black. There are many legends associated with finding raven hatching eggs for sale or a raven in such a gloomy color.
The Raven is undoubtedly one of the oldest creatures in the world. It is difficult to find another bird like the crow, where numerous legends and mystical traditions can be seen. It was worshiped and feared by the Native Americans, heavy Scandinavians, African tribes, and the peoples of the north. There are numerous references to ravens in ancient manuscripts.

What does a raven eat?
The raven is a ubiquitous bird, often called the order of nature as it is. The vision of the raven is pretty sharp. Raven usually hunts:
⦁ Lizard
⦁ Frog
⦁ Snake
⦁ Rodents
⦁ Chicks of other birds
⦁ Large insects.
The Raven is an incredibly intelligent and observant bird and will never put itself at risk. It can observe the hunting object or its opponents for a long time and after waiting for the right time to grab his prey. In this case, the crow cannot be called a greedy bird. The Raven often hides food debris by digging it in tow. Digging is one of the raven’s favorite amusements.

Social structure and reproduction
In natural settings, they are very loyal to the raven couple. In the second year of life, the raven reaches puberty. Formed couples retain relationships for a long time. The mating season of ravens begins in February during the winter months. Best time to look for white necked raven hatching eggs for sale in UK. Long flights over the object of desire take place before mating. At the same time, crows not only fly, but also perform various complex acrobatics that demonstrate their abilities. Both partners participate in nest building, often establishing a dwelling on a tall tree with a dense crown.

March is the time of spawning. The female crow consists of 2-6 grayish-blue colored eggs with brown spots. The incubation period is between 20-23 days and both partners often participate in it. The resulting chicks have an excellent appetite, both spouses need to be fed, but usually the male participates in this. The chicks hatch when the weather is particularly cool at night. The female crow in the early days practically does not leave its chicks, it continues to warm them.

Population and species status
In earlier times, the raven, which was particularly characteristic of the 19th century, was persecuted by people. It was considered a symbol of misfortune. In addition, the crow was accused of destroying the crops. All this led to the active extinction of birds, including the use of poison. This caused a sharp decline in the population. Later, some European countries began to correct the situation by putting the ravens under protection. Such measures paid off and the number of ravens began to increase.
In some regions, the obstacles to the crow population increase make it difficult to feed, which makes wintering difficult. The development of new regions by one person then causes the raven population to increase in this region. Wherever a person is, there will always be food waste. The classic black raven is widely known to all residents of the European part. However, ravens have a lot of roster and are not limited to this species.

Ravens can solve riddles
Ravens have an amazing puzzle-solving ability. When faced with a puzzle in the experiments, they thought a little and quickly solved it. After examining the situation for a few minutes, adult birds solved a series of processes that consisted of many stages. Birds, who have no chance of encountering such a puzzle in the wild, can only imagine possibilities and make smooth movements. By the way, only mature birds were able to do this, younger birds did not, while 1-year-olds were able to find it after a few tries.