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For years, the renewable energy sector has experienced technological advances that make it possible to overtake fossil fuels for energy production. Today, homeowners, CEOs, and CFOs all over the world are turning towards the corporate solar consulting service professional for help on how to reduce their operating expenses and reinvest the savings in their homes and businesses.

If your business and home consume electricity for HVAC, entertainment, lighting, or production, installing a solar system can help reduce your monthly electric utility bill. Incorporating a small energy storage system into your solar installation may save you up to 50 percent, and you are well on your way to achieving complete energy independence!

Is commercial solar power for you?

Is solar power what you need for your business? The answer depends on a variety of factors. The ideal candidates for solar array and storage solutions are businesses that:

  • Run multiple stores that have outstanding quality, large rooftops, have land available or are close to a large parking structure
  • Have business stores in states like Hawaii and California where electric energy is expensive and there various incentives to take advantage of
  • Are committed to sustainability
  • Want their clientele to view their solar systems as part of a larger marketing strategy
  • Experience large energy load needs

Why should you go solar?

Many growing firms are investing in solar power and storage to reduce the expenses that come with their expanding operations. For example, expanding to a new facility means more electrical demand.

Other companies will work with a commercial and residential solar consultant to introduce solar with major infrastructure investments such as new construction or extensive roof repair. Further, solar is a branding strategy that signals to the community that your company is committed to reducing its environmental footprint.

You can increase the overall savings you get by combining battery storage solutions with your photovoltaic (PV) solar system. While your solar panels generate electricity as the sun shines, your battery storage holds excess energy for use at night or during inclement weather.

Without a battery pack, your solar system is incapable of satisfying the surge requirements of your equipment, which may force you to purchase commercial electricity just to start up your machinery. Such spikes can be expensive since utility companies charge you for the highest 15-minute spike demand for each billing period.

Combining your solar and battery systems helps reduce the effect these spikes have on your profit margin. Energy storage helps even out load as measure by a utility meter, which is especially critical when sudden spikes in loads may cause demand charges.

What are the benefits of commercial solar systems?

Solar energy offers an enormous range of benefits for humanity and society. For example, it is ideal for setting up a plant in sparse locations. Solar also provides specific benefits for commercial businesses in America.

Below is a brief of the main ones:

Reducing costs

The largest single benefit of installing solar power for your business appears every time you look in your monthly electric bill. Using solar energy dramatically reduces your dependence on commercial power costs. If you are in a net metering zone, you can also earn from excess power you sell to the local utility firm.

However, the reduction in cost from making the move to solar power depends on several variables, including:

  • Your location
  • The time you carry out activities
  • The industry
  • Size of your facility

According to this corporate solar consulting service, businesses likely to reap the most benefits from changing over to solar are those with enough space to hold an appropriately sized unit that covers all their energy requirements. Such systems should also receive enough sunlight for solar power generation to cover the load profile during peak hours.

Using solar electricity also reduces or removes demand and delivery charges. Utility companies effect the charges to recover costs of buying energy during the heaviest load times, for maintenance of power lines, and recovering energy lost during transmission. Moving the power source to your facility helps avoid such expenses.

Onsite solar systems reduce the amount of energy lost during transmission over long distances. Plus, solar panels on your roof provide shade, which can help reduce your space cooling costs.

Solar systems are incredibly scalable. With the help of top renewable energy consulting firms, it’s easy to start on a small scale basis that covers only a part of your total energy needs during the day. Later, you can expand your array to cover all your electrical requirements. 


Apart from the cost savings you get from generating solar electricity and storing it, other extra behind-the-meter benefits exist. A significant benefit for organizations or businesses that require power round-the-clock is a chance to set up a solar microgrid covering your entire facility and independent of utility energy companies.

Such islands protect your business operation from power loss threats because of natural disasters such as storms, immunizing you from physical and hacking attacks that may happen in your location. You are also in a splendid position to provide emergency resources such as shelter to employees and the community.

Gain a competitive edge sustainably

In the modern business environment, sustainability and competitive advantage are linked, especially with a growing call for reduced-carbon operations and environmental stewardship. Solar energy reduces electricity costs and frees up the financial resources required for re-investing in business innovation and development.

Investing in the services of a solar energy consulting professional helps elevate your brand to a “green” business partner. Many companies already have in place policies to conduct business with like-minded sustainable firms. Naturally, this makes you an attractive business partner for “green” customers, while satisfying local and state governments, regulators, and institutional investor demands.


Overall, the most successful and easiest route to achieving the full benefits of solar power in your organization is to work with an expert corporate solar consulting service partner. Beach Cities Solar Consulting is a leader in the construction, procurement, and engineering of solar power systems. The consultant has helped thousands of customers across America save millions of dollars, including homes, schools, commercial enterprises, and other public-sector entities. To find out what they can do for you, visit their contact page today.


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