Coronavirus effects – How to get treated at Home?

With over 6 million active cases, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed general healthcare standards, transforming how healthcare is received and distributed to ensure coronavirus infectivity is kept to a minimum. This Covid 19 pandemic taught us various things and made us become more digitalized in every sector, including education, IT, Banking sector, education, traveling, healthcare, etc. One of these improvements in the healthcare sector is the ability to perform general practice consultations through telehealth consultation (Phone Consult) or virtual consultation (Virtual Consultation) (Video Consultant). Credihealth is an online healthcare digital platform that brings you quality healthcare in just a few steps. The platform also offers Covid Consultation Online to patients with mild symptoms that are self-isolated at Home. The covid healthcare package helps you to receive expert medical advice and treatment at Home without incurring the cost of hospitalization.  

Covid consultation online with the Safety of Your Home – 

In the midst of this pandemic, if you feel like you need support to keep your tension from boiling over into a state of depression, an online consultation could be highly beneficial. In reality, during the Covid 19 pandemic, a teleconsultation with a doctor played an important role for a covid patient, particularly since the hospitals are running out of beds. They are getting online consultation via phone or video from the comfort of their homes, substantially reducing the fear of exposure to COVID-19 from the clinics where several infected people may be present. 

The online covid consultation program aimed to Regardless of where you live or how far away you are from the cities where these physicians practice medicine, you can always meet with them online or through teleconsultation. 

Benefits of Buying a package for an Online covid Consultation – Most people infected with COVID-19 will only have a mild infection and will be able to recover at Home. Symptoms can last a few days, and those infected with the virus can recover in about a week. Rest, fluid consumption and pain relievers are among the treatments used to alleviate symptoms. here are few benefits of covid consultation online that include – 

  • Safe 24*7 guidance + covid Prescription
  • 24×7 unlimited queries and support for 15 days for the covid patient
  • Continuous stress/ anxiety counseling
  • Fight the covid battle without the hospital hassles
  • Only E-prescription to buy any medicine
  • Get treated with highly expert and skilled doctors at Home
  • Various online payment options available on package booking at your convenience

Patients who are eligible for the Covid Homecare package – Patients with COVID 19 symptoms can get online consultation for covid 19. The package ensures covid patient’s treatment without any Hussle at Home with all possible resources. Although the patient is eligible only to buy the Credihealth covid homecare package only when –

  • Patients that have been diagnosed with COVID and are now recuperating at Home
  • Patients who tested positive and were alone at Home in need of medical and emotional support
  • SPO2 of more than 94 is a criterion for enrolment.

Choose Credihealth – Credihealth is an online health portal providing medical assistance at fingertips. In the current covid situation, most patients cannot get medical attention/assistance at the hospital. Credihealth extends medical help through a specially designed medical package to mild and asymptomatic patients who want to get isolated at Home. You can buy our covid homecare package online on Credihealth to get treated at Home. Our expert and skilled doctors assure the best treatment for covid patients also provide mental and emotional support that aids in fighting back against corona.

You can also call us at @8010-994-994 to get further medical assistance and help with our in-house medical experts.