Cordless Garden Tools

As we already know, cordless tools are increasingly used in all jobs, thanks to the fact that they do not need a cable or an electricity supply; Furthermore, they offer us great mobility and security.

That is why manufacturers have innovated with the new range of battery-powered garden tools, which allow us to carry out our gardening work without using gasoline or the electricity grid and with low noise, low cost and low level of emissions.

Why go for cordless garden tools?

Cordless Garden Tools offer us a series of very interesting advantages for the care of our garden compared to electric or gasoline tools:

High performance: Today the batteries have evolved a lot, reaching the point that a great working performance can be achieved, equivalent to that of electric or gasoline machines. In addition, each day we have greater autonomy of work.

Greater comfort: With battery-powered garden tools we will have greater comfort since we will not have to deal with gasoline and we will be able to do without cables and plugs.

Lighter: Normally cordless tools tend to be lighter, which makes the job much more comfortable and easy.

Quieter: One of the most important drawbacks of gasoline tools is noise, especially when we work in schools, hospitals, libraries, residential areas, hotels, etc. Cordless tools offer us the possibility to work noiselessly, thus maintaining a quiet and calm environment.

In addition, they offer us the possibility to start working earlier and continue working until later.

No odors or emissions: Regarding gasoline tools, battery tools do not give off gasoline odor and generate a much lower CO2 emission.

Vibration-free: Cordless tools produce much less vibration than gasoline-powered tools, making work much more comfortable.

Low running cost: Although the acquisition cost may be higher, the running cost of cordless tools is minimal, just like electric tools.

This means that it represents a significant saving compared to gasoline tools, without the need to work with cables.


Forget about corded electric gardening tools: they always need current to work (you will have to work with a plug nearby), they have very limited power, prevents freedom of movement, and also during the task you can trip over the cable over and over time…

If you are looking for a garden tool for home use that is practical and light: choose a battery-powered tool. Thanks to the fact that these tools do not have cables, the possibility of freely moving around the garden without limitations makes cutting and pruning tasks much more comfortable.

Today, design and technology are advancing a new trend: the ranges of power tools that share the same lithium battery. This innovation allows users, in a domestic environment, to work a full day with different tools that use the same battery.

A charger and a battery are all you need to use any of the most common tools: blower, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, lawnmower, chainsaw …

The most efficient models use LI-ON (lithium-ion battery) batteries because they provide more power, fast charging, more runtime and have no memory effect. This machinery for your garden will allow you to carry out care and maintenance tasks comfortably and efficiently.