Copywriting Tips that can Boost your Website Conversions

Copywriting is an art and it may seem like an easy task, but requires a certain knack for writing and know-how. Everything from a landing page, a promotional email, and a brochure require copywriting skills. It’s a highly demanded skill of the times, every piece of content needs good writing content attached to it. Some tips for you to learn from to increase your conversion rate;


You only make a sale when you meet the demand. Identifying the right audience for your product and service is integral. You will immediately see results when you cater to the needs of the right people. Do your dutiful research and try out different user personas to identify your market. It will do you good to know your customers and their demands and behavior, to make future decisions.

Be Conversational

Try to use the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ to invoke a personal connection with the readers. Fundamentally, your readers feel connected to your content. If they are not interested in your style because of the lack of connection and monotone language then you fail as a writer.

Use Quantifiable Facts

The use of quantitative figures makes your work more legit. It gives it a more authentic and reliable feel. Numbers and figures assure people like no other. They can calculate their benefit and gain. This is a tool that copywriters can use to their advantage to make their work more authentic and appealing to their audience.

Emphasize Action

To make sure people reach out to you, do not wait for the Call-to-Action part to introduce the contact numbers. Put down banners and inject verbs in your content that allows users to contact as soon as the thought pops up in the head. It should be a readily available part of your content. Most Creative Writing Services make sure their writers infuse it in their content.

Be Concise

You have very little time to convince viewers to become customers, mere seconds. They will not be reading large chunks of texts. Put down concise and precise content for them, they need to be sold the idea of your company with the first banner they read. You can not depend on the details to influence them.

Consider SEO

As the technology has advanced, Google has now adapted algorithms that can be used to boost your sales. Using Search Engine Optimization is the best way to increase sales. And to do so, you need to be efficient in SEO. It is significant in every written content to be optimized to show the desired results expected from the website.

Compelling Headlines

Like I mentioned before, your reader doesn’t always have a lot of time to spend on the details. You need to sell your idea to them in the first banner they read about your brand. It is important to make interesting and compelling headlines among the rest of the content.

The pointers in the article are for you to consider before you jump into the world of copywriting. It can be daunting but we are here to guide you through it so you deliver the best content out there that you are proud of yourself.


Amy Jackson works as an advertising specialist at web design and development agency, she is an inspired writer who loves to share her experiences using lovely words. Her passion for writing has made her produce numerous articles on design, SEO, digital marketing and business. You can also follow the author on Twitter