Cool Cheap Gadgets on Amazon you should buy Now

The yelutide season is approaching, and it’s that time of the year when we shop new things to put in our home.

I just checked the major online stores, and found some interesting, cool tech products you can purchase at less than $50.

These tech products would be appreciated by your kids, most especially male children.

Vont Milo Kitchen Scale

Vont actually has two kinds of digital kitchen scale but I love this flat lightweight stainless steel food scale with fine LCD screen.

It weighs just 9 ounces and sold for $11 on Amazon. While it’s cheap, it does the job of weighing food up to 11 pounds.

With the tare setting, it works just like the bowl scale since you can exclude the weight of the container and get accurate weight of the food or fruits.

To do this, you need to place the empty container on the scale, then press the tare button to reset the weight back to zero, then you can put the item you want to weigh in the container.

It is also easy to convert the weight unit of your food from ounces to gram, kilogram, pound, and up to 6 units here.

You’ll also find Vont Milo scale easy to clean and durabl, it uses 2 AA battery which could last for months.

Game Boy alarm clock

The Game Boy alarm clock is the official Nintendo product and a nice gift for all Nintendo fans from the very beginning.

The Game Boy alarm clock shows the time of the week as well as the day of the week.

The display can be illuminated at the push of a button and the Super Mario makes melody sounds as an alarm.

It’s also nice that you don’t run out of your budget this season because you want to make your kids happy.

The Game Boy alarm clock is less than $40 on Amazon.

In order to be able to put the device into use, you should put in two AA batteries, you can check the pack if it comes with the battery.

Led Lamp

I’ve got another interesting product from Vont and would love to take more. This Clip-on led lamp is good for students since they can just clip on their book or desk while reading.

The neck of the lamp can be adjusted, but there’s no dimming option with the led light.

One of the reasons I love this lamp is that it comes with a USB and an adapter, unlike the one I got last two months that uses 2 AA batteries only and didn’t last long.

My baby doesn’t like a dark room, and this lamp can illuminate small area without covering the whole room if you adjust the neck and make the light face down, so a good fit for my little boy.

JBL GO 2 Bluetooth speaker

You can brighten your day with lovely music but with bad speaker, the song’s melody can not be enjoyed.

For the oncoming christmas, the idea of throwing a family party while placing your JBL GO 2 Bluetooth speaker around, whether indoor or outdoor sounds good.

The compact device costs about 2 dollars. It is available in different colors and, and five hours of battery life.

One of the things i love about the JBL GO 2  Bluetooth speaker is that it’s waterproof, and very useful outdoors.

In addition to the boombox, a micro USB cable is included in the pack.

Pancellent wireless microscope

I’m a scientist and groom my children to follow my path. if you also have someone who craves for science and nature, then this wireless microscope would be nice.

Pancellent’s digital microscope offers 50 to 1000x magnification of objects and 8 LED lights.

The microsope can be connected to your iPhone or Android smartphones via USB and Bluetooth, which also enables the enlarged objects to be recorded.

For the digital microscope, including a 12-part slide collection and an already included lithium-ion battery.

It is currently sold for $35 on Amazon and at similar price on other online store.

Amazon Fire TV Blaster

Having many sound and visual systems at home means you’ll be flying remote controls in your living room, and it’s easy to misplace them.

However, you can make life easier with the brand new Fire TV Blaster.

You can turn your LCD TV to a smart TV once it has Fire TV Stick in it. Together with an Echo Smart Speaker, Alexa-compatible, as well as all compatible AV receivers and soundbars.

You can either order the Fire TV Blaster individually for about 35 dollars if only one television is available or you order the complete package including Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot, which then costs $80.

Digital infrared thermometer

Checking when your pizza or barbecue is ready with your hand can really hurt you but with the Bosch universal infrared thermometer, you can determine surface temperatures in the range between -30 to 500+ C without touching it.

The 400 gram Bosch Universal thermometer sits comfortably in the hand and can display its measurement results in Fahrenheit ( F) and Celsius ( C).

The product has become cheaper on Amazon recently and it’s sold at about $27 now, it also comes with two AA batteries.

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