Cool Camping Gadgets for Your Next Adventure

With the technology evolving so rapidly, it would be a shame if you don’t utilize it in your camping trips to make your experience more convenient and enjoyable. So, when you start planning your next outdoor adventure, do make sure to have these Cool Camping Gadgets in your list of outdoor accessories. You might be tech savvy, old school or a mediocre camper who prefers to be a simpleton. But I promise you to have a few of these camping essentials will definitely augment and add more convenience to your experience.

First Aid Flash light

Food and water are the top priorities when planning a camp, a first aid kit is also a must when going to remote areas. Manufactured for daily adventures, you should consider a packable medical set. There is a medical kit by VSSL which is a LED flashlight packed with everything you can possibly think of in case of an emergency. Starting off from painkillers, antiseptic wipes to tweezers and nitrile gloves. It also gives the outdoor sensation by including a compass and an emergency whistle. All items are rolled into a compact, indestructible 9″ long tube that you can conveniently attach to your outdoor gear(backpack) and carry with you anytime and anywhere you want.

Backpack that Washes Clothes

Now how about that? Sure, if you camp closer to a stream, you can DIY. But if the weather fails to cooperate you are in trouble. Hence the Scrubba Stealth Pack. A bag made out of waterproof 40D nylon fabric and complete with adjustable straps, that takes the definition of multi functionality into another level. This durable, versatile backpack has put together a portable shower, compression dry bag, and washing machine into one piece of gear. There is an internal washboard to wash your clothes anytime and anywhere. The multifunctional valve helps transform the pack into a camp shower or a compression bag according to your requirements.

Selk’bag 6G Lite

Ever heard about a wearable sleeping bag before? makes you feel like an astronaut. The puffy blanket-like material wraps your arms and legs in warmth, and it has removable booties enabling you to wear your own shoes when moving about. Plus, a lightweight insulated hood. The Selk’bag Lite is rated for 40 degrees Fahrenheit while still providing plenty of mobility for active campers. Stay cozy, warm, and mobile on your camping trips, sleepovers, backpacking, road trips, RV, beach nights and hammock nights.

Wacaco Minipresso GR

Compact, lightweight, and versatile, you may use any variety of coffee bean/roast with this Wacaco Minipresso portable espresso maker. Add ground coffee to the filter basket with the help of the scoop. Apply slight pressure to level the grind. Add hot water into the water tank. Finally unlock from its travel position the piston and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract your espresso with generous crema. And best of all it does not need compressed air, battery, or electricity.

BioLite Campstove 

Can your camping life be more automated and easier? With this portable stove there is so much more usage than merely cooking food and boiling water. It generates 3 watts of usable electricity, stores it in its internal 2600 mAh battery for later use. Extra usage includes charging of LED lights, mobile phones, and other devices. Smart LED Dashboard gives you real time feedback on fire strength, power output and fan speed settings. We believe that this portable stove should be in every camper’s backpack.

Portable Cooler Bag

The Hopper Flip 12 by Yeti is the best choice as a soft cooler for your camping trips as it combines ColdCell insulation to keep your food and drinks cold much longer than most soft coolers in the market. The food-grade antimicrobial material used to line the interior is fully capable of preventing mold formation. There are a variety of sizes depending on the nature of your trip and the level of cooling you need. Carrying it is comfortable because of the ergonomic shoulder strap and the handles on the sides and the top.

LEATHERMAN, Signal Camping Multitool

This goes without saying. A functional toolkit plays a vital role in convenient outdoor adventures. It could come in handy when setting up gear mostly, but the LEATHERMAN Signal has some other integrations too. A variety of pliers, wire cutters, stripper, knife, saw, hammer, a variety of bit drivers and wrenches, bottle and can openers, carabiner, safety whistle, ferrocerium rod, diamond-coated sharpener, and awl with thread loop. Also, the Signal is equipped with a pocket clip and carabiner so it’s always within reach. You can either clip it on your backpack or in your pocket, belt etc. This next gen toolkit will be a handy partner in your outdoor life, and it is one of the best innovative cool camping gadgets in this list.

Sleeping Bag or Portable Hammock

It may sound obvious but choosing between a sleeping bag and a hammock can account for a huge difference in comfort. There is also the bivy bag that most campers now opt for instead of a sleeping bag. You should be mindful about choosing a sleeping bag that is well insulated, lightweight, and compact. Marmot and North Face have some decent sleeping bags. You can be assured about the good quality of their products because they’ve been in the industry for years. If you are into hammocks, then the ENO portable hammock would be a durable choice.


So, there you go, some of the best cool camping gadgets. The list covers the best accessories for camping in 2021 that will make your experience more memorable, enjoyable and most of all comfortable. Apart from these, make sure to have well-functioning hiking shoes, a lightweight and compact backpack, packable tent and the other major accessories.