Cooking Methods For Different Kinds Of Fish

Cooking Methods For Different Kinds Of Fish
Cooking Methods For Different Kinds Of Fish
Cooking Methods For Different Kinds Of Fish

Cooking Methods For Different Kinds Of Fish

cooking fish: Cooking Methods For Different Kinds Of Fish

Different kinds of fish require different methods of cooking. Basically, it is important to understand that fish flesh has a relatively little amount of connective tissue. For this reason, very little cooking is required, When fish is overcooked. Its flakes fall apart, more so, fibbers become tougher, dry and finally become tasteless.

Frying: Cooking Methods For Different Kinds Of Fish

This is one of the most commonly used methods during fish preparation. Basically, fish can be either shallow or deep-fried. Whichever the method, a coating made from breadcrumbs, flour and egg should be applied onto the fish. This protects the delicate flesh and allows the fish to be evenly cooked. Here you know about Shayari love.

On most occasions, fish fillets are cooked through this process, Vegetable oil is recommended for use. For shallow-frying, an amalgam of oil and butter is the best and will guarantee a nice tasting dish.


This another common way of cooking fish. It is normally ideal for whole fish, fillets, steaks, and cutlets. Precisely, those fish that are oily in nature such as salmon, trout, and mackerel can be cooked by this method.

On-the-bone fish is usually scored using a knife to facilitate thoroughly and even. Dotting the fish with butter is equally important to prevent the fish from drying out. The grill should be heated moderately, rather than being set on high. This will also prevent the fish from drying out.

A basic principle that applies in this method of cooking is that; small fish require a higher grill temperature. The grill should be lined with a foil to avoid lingering fish flavors on the rack.


It is possible to bake the fish whole. Normally, fish can be stuffed, brushed with oil or butter or even lightly covered with an oiled foil to protect it, On some occasions, fish can also be baked in a sauce, milk, stock or wine.


This is a method that keeps fish moist throughout cooking. To make it tastier, herbs, onions, and lemon juice can be used as flavors. The method of cooking entails cooking the fish in the oven or on the stove in a fish kettle or pan. Basting the fish regularly and frequently is necessary when the pan is not fully covered. The cooking liquid becomes a basis for the sauce accompanying the fish.


This method enables the fish to be cooked by steam above the simmering water pan. Normally, the fish should be in between a foil-covered plate or two buttered plates. This prevents the natural juices from escaping into the steaming water.

En Papillote: Cooking Methods For Different Kinds Of Fish

This is one of the best methods to cook fish. Fillets or whole fish are usually wrapped up in aluminum foil, cellophane or greaseproof with arrays of flavorings. The flavorings may include; lemon juice, butter onion, wine, and herbs. By choosing either of these methods of poaching baking, steaming or deep-frying, the wrapping will ensure that juices and flavors are retained. Here you know about sayri ki dayri.

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