Cooking Crush — A Culinary Fiesta:

Cooking Crush — A Culinary Fiesta:
Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. did a thorough homework in bringing you this classic 2020 cooking frenzy game. Flowmotion has truly perfected the art of developing excellent cooking games, with names such as Cook It! City Of Free Frenzy Cooking Games Madness, Food Court Fever: Hamburger
3, and Kitchen Craze: Madness Of Free Cooking Games City in their portfolio.

Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. is also famous for its humanitarian efforts. A chunk of the revenue from these games go directly towards feeding hungry children who do not have access to fresh, healthy food. So far, Flowmotion has been able to put about 45,000 meals on the table. And
with their games, so can you! I have been playing Flowmotion’s brand new kitchen game, Cooking Crush, for about two months now and I want to tell you about my experience.

Cooking Crush – A Solution To My Dilemma

It was about a week ago. I was sitting with my friends. They were all going on about how they spend
their free time. One of them mentioned watching several cooking videos and then applying them in
the kitchen. The others also chimed in agreement, except for me. I felt so left out because I had
never thought about cooking before. The most that I have ever done is to leave my dishes in the sink – and that is it.
If only I knew how to cook, I would have been able to participate in the conversation with my friends
but alas! That day, I went home and tried watching some cooking videos on YouTube. I thought it would help but unfortunately, they were not only boring but very complicated. They did not make
me want to step inside a kitchen. Confused as I was, I took to Google to find a solution to my problem. That is when I stumbled upon Cooking Crush!
Crush Your Hesitation Cooking Crush is a brand new kitchen game. It was released this year in 2020. If I could use two words to describe this cooking game, I would say that it is interesting and unique. This game is so
fun that it changed my view of cooking. I am so glad I discovered Cooking Crush.

What’s Cooking?

I used to be a dunce in the kitchen, I simply can not deny it but there is no need to cease
improvement. With my new cooking games, Cooking Crush, I learned that it is never too late to try.
You can teach an old dog new tricks.
Cooking Crush features 10 different restaurants like Crème Café, Dream Deli, Salty Taverna, Party
Parlor, Rockin’ Diner, Crazy Cantina, Donut Den, Tandoori Treasure, Perfect Pie, and Cake Corner.
These restaurants are yours to run in-game. You are supposed to welcome customers, take orders,
cook, serve, stock ingredients and instruments, and keep the restaurant well-decorated.
Home Is Where The Vase Is
You get paid for your services and with that money, you can buy better things for your kitchen. Get
yourself brand new gadgets and ingredients that would be a good future investment. Decorating

and personalizing your restaurant will give you a sense of familiarity. As you improve, you will be
promoted to bigger and better restaurants but wherever you go, you can bring your decorations
with you – a nice way to stay grounded in the get-go world.
Cooking Is Therapeutic
Cooking Crush helped me learn new recipes. I am now able to take part in cooking conversations
with my friends. I no longer feel awkward and left out. But this is not the only good thing this
cooking game has some for me. It has changed my life in another way. It has helped me relax with
its daily “happiness challenges”. I feel very calm now.
Cook It!
In my opinion, the game is perfect for both learnings to cook and relaxing. Plus, I am supporting a
good cause while having fun. I give it an A+.