How Lab-grown Diamonds make your love affair lovelier

An eternal diamond is a promise of an everlasting relationship because love is precious and rare, and so is this stone. Love and diamonds have been quite synonymous since diamonds turned out desirable. This radiant and shining stone has become a symbol of love and has witnessed some of the most promising moments of life. From a dreamy proposal to a lifelong promise of forever, i.e., marriage, diamonds have garnered a special place and why not! For the kind of breath-taking beauty they possess, they ought to be the center of most treasured moments of life.

Every lady dreams that her Mr. Perfect will slip a shiny rock on her finger. The elegance and beauty that a diamond brings to the wearer are unmatched and impeccable. Ever wondered why this gemstone-studded ring has attained a place in engagement, and where does this tradition hail from? Or how these polished pieces have gained prestige packaging?

The origin of diamonds started back in Roman times where the husbands used to gift these stones to their wives, projecting their ‘ownership’ over them. Later owing to their eternal shine, they proclaimed the title of ‘Forever’ and today are a symbol of never-ending and perfect companionship between two souls.

While some go for the majestic and imperial lab-grown diamond engagement rings, some pick elegant and chic designs for their big day. Whatever design you choose, these scintillating sparkles will never fail to enlighten your most significant day of joy!

What Makes Lab-Grown Diamonds Unique?

What makes them special to hold a valuable place in your life? Is it just their unforgettable brilliance and shine?

As trustworthy and pure as your love is, so are these precious man-made diamonds. Created inside a laboratory mimicking the external environment similar to that of natural or blood diamonds – found after heavy drilling and mining, these lab grown diamonds are 100% authentic and pure, and here’s a catch – they do not scar mother Earth!

Lab-grown diamonds are created and not found, making them eco-friendly and honest to the planet. Using the CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) & HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) method, these diamonds are created inside well-equipped laboratories by experts with the highest level of prowess.

The Best of Man-Made Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are used to make excellent diamond jewelry designs like Eco-friendly Rings, Eternity Necklaces, Tennis Bracelet, Drop Earrings and more. These marvelous designs accentuate your aura and add some glitter to your everlasting persona. Moreover, these brilliant and tempting designs can be bought at a lower price than natural diamonds.

Since the creation of lab-grown diamonds does not involve the use of heavy machinery, equipment or labor to carry out the extraction of stones – It does not impact biodiversity or lead to the depletion of wildlife and overall disruption of ecology. These diamonds are planet-friendly. By carrying out precise diamond creation processes inside a laboratory, man-made diamonds, aptly named, remain truthful to the biodiversity and help in planet restoration.

New World Diamonds bring to you – The Best Sparkle

To make your love affair lovelier, New World Diamonds brings you a diverse choice of lab-grown diamond jewelry. From royal and majestic designs that capture the best of time to chic and trendy mesmerizing pieces, NWD caters to all your diamond choices to brighten your shine and smile. Shop for affordable and customizable unique diamond jewelry that your bride will love the moment you go on your knees to express your eternal love captivated in a sterling sparkle!

Jennifer Alex

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